Fight Back Against Spear-phishing - Arm the User

Users of private and public networks are unwittingly contributing to network security breaches daily via spear-phishing, poisoned search results, drive-by downloads and legitimate sites being hijacked to push malware.

But you can arm your IT team and users with real-world detection techniques and situational awareness solutions that can effectively thwart these attacks without hampering performance or exhausting essential resources.

Join us for this informative Webcast to discover the latest network protection strategies. You’ll learn about:

  • Real-world case studies in which spear-phishing attacks were successfully thwarted
  • Advances in virtualization technology that can provide hardened, secure browsing and PDF reader environments for users - enabling a preventative barrier against zero-day attacks
  • Behavioral-based detection techniques that can turn browsers into real-time malware sensors, arm administrators with real-time situational awareness and feed teams actionable security intelligence

Prepare your IT team and users to battle today’s network security threats. Register for this free Webcast today!