DOD's 5 Strategic Initiatives for Cyberspace Operations

The Department of Defense in July 2011 released its first unified strategy for operating in cyberspace. Based on that strategy, DOD has a renewed focused on a number of central aspects of the cyber threat, including external threats, insider threats, supply chain vulnerabilities, and threats to DOD’s operational ability.

The U.S. military's cyberspace strategy includes five strategic initiatives, one of which is employing new defense operating concepts to protect DOD networks and systems. As a first step, DOD is enhancing its “cyber hygiene” best practices to improve overall cybersecurity.

Join this Defense Systems editorial webcast to hear leading experts discuss how internal and external cyber threats against DOD systems can be addressed through good cyber hygiene and greater situational awareness.

In this webcast, you’ll learn about:

  • The Pentagon’s approach to cyber hygiene within the context of the new cyberspace strategy
  • DOD efforts to integrate private sector continuous renewal methods to harden its computing devices and sustain cyber hygiene best practices
  • People as the DOD's first line of defense in sustaining good cyber hygiene and reducing insider threats
  • DOD’s exploration of new operating concepts to reduce vulnerabilities

Featured Speaker:

Colonel Rivers J. Johnson Jr., Public Affairs Director, U.S. Cyber Command