Insider Threats Have No Boundaries, Neither Should Your Analytics Tool

Today’s military forces need to be able to rapidly identify the actions and trends of individuals that will remove sensitive/classified information and act before the damage has occurred.

Data loss does not happen solely in the digital realm through email or FTP. Documents are photographed. Pages are printed. In order to protect your organization’s data, you must be vigilant across the entire spectrum of document publishing: digital, paper and web.

Truly effective data loss prevention analysis requires limitless capability. File size, type and location must become irrelevant. And the need to know what happens after a document is downloaded becomes critical.

Join us live, for this interactive webcast and discover how your operations can rapidly perform complex threat assessment analysis and:

  • Correlate behavior across activities and networks
  • Extend and enhance existing DRM controls to continuously monitor and report after the file download
  • Leverage the power of sensors that “push” data to the analytics tool as soon as the system is aware
  • Correlate all events against time and geography simultaneously
  • Perform latency analysis to compare all pre-/post event activities
  • Rapidly integrate and analyze many data sources to achieve total visibility into potential threats: financial, telecom, travel, social web, HUMINT, SIGINT, and text logs


John Landwehr, Sr. Director, Adobe Systems