The Shared IT Infrastructure: New Options for the Enterprise

This year, as agencies continue transitioning basic functions like email, cloud computing has stolen the focus from the greater goal of which it is only a part: the shared IT infrastructure. Spanning initiatives from data center consolidation to virtualization, the effort to build an elastic IT framework is well under way. This next-gen architecture represents a basic reevaluation of the enterprise, installing IT not as a commodity, but a service. Agencies are now looking at how they can turn hard-wired desktops into virtual workspaces, transform mobile computing into a secure reality, and deploy rapid computing power to stand up IT projects in record time at a fraction of the cost. However, what are the implications from a technology, management, and end user perspective? Join Federal Computer Week in this Editorial Webcast for an innovative look at new options for the enterprise as agencies transition to a shared IT infrastructure

Attendees will learn

  • The technologies necessary to support the future design, architecting, and implementation of a private cloud
  • What innovations are possible with an elastic IT infrastructure
  • How cloud computing can be used as a tool to establish a shared IT infrastructure
  • Security and privacy implications of a cloud deployment
  • Technology, management and end-user implications

shawn kingsbury

Featured Speaker:

Shawn Kingsberry, CIO, Recovery, Accountability, and Transparency Board

: John Monroe, Editor, FCW
John has been covering the federal information technology community for 18 years, both as a reporter and editor.

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