Next Gen Rugged Computing: Best Practices for Choosing the Right Device for Your Mission

Whether being used by first responders in a national disaster or by armed forces in a military operation, rugged computing devices must perform in the most challenging scenarios and conditions. For these reasons, rugged laptops need greater processing power, expansion capabilities and durability to ensure mission success.

So, it’s imperative for key decision makers to know how to identify, assess, integrate and review equipment specifications and capabilities that are in compliance with Department of Defense standards (MIL-STD 810G) for operations in extreme environments.

Listen to Christopher Townsend and leading experts and learn:

  • How to make an informed decision about deploying the right mobile products for your environment
  • Obvious and not-so obvious real life use-cases for rugged laptops
  • How the cost of ownership over the lifetime of a commercial laptop is substantially higher than that of a higher priced rugged laptop


Christopher Townsend, Director, Dell Rugged Computing and Public Safety Solutions Group