Crush Crime with Predictive Analytics: The Memphis Police Department Story

With traditional policing practices unable to thwart a rising rate of criminal activity and budgets tight, the Memphis Police Department (MPD) pioneered a way to focus their patrol resources more intelligently. By using a predictive enforcement tool, MPD can recognize crime trends as they are happening, and enable precinct commanders to change their tactics and redirect patrol resources in a way that both thwarts crimes before they happen and catches more criminals in the act.

Through such smart policing approaches, MPD has reduced the overall crime volume in Memphis by 30%, making life safer for their citizens.

During this webcast, you’ll learn how your agency can:

    * Engage in more pro-active policing tactics with predictive analytics
    * Deploy limited resources more effectively in the fight against crime
    * Better monitor decisions to ensure you achieve the best possible outcomes


Larry Godwin, Director, Memphis Police Department
Jaap Vink
, IBM Worldwide Predictive Analytics Leader, Public Sector

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