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Mark Wisinger

Mark Wisinger is a market intelligence analyst with immixGroup, an Arrow company. He can be reached at and on LinkedIn at:

With new leadership, the JEDI saga enters new chapter

The leadership of the DOD's JEDI cloud initiative has shifted and here is what it all means as a final request for proposals awaits.


Who will win as DOD cloud choices grow?

ImmixGroup analyst Mark Wisinger explores the growth of cloud choices in the defense market and how buyers are choosing between flexibility and control.

Don't miss these 2017 DOD opportunities

Fiscal 2017 is looking like it will be a busy one for defense agencies as they look to improve their IT infrastructures.


Commands increase influence on IT buying decisions

Combatant commands are changing how they buy IT including how they work with DISA. ImmixGroup analyst Mark Wisinger explains what you need to know about this shift in the market.