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Jim Kane

Jim Kane is an advisor to companies in the federal market, and former president and CEO of the Systems and Software Consortium Inc.

Market conditions drive changing corporate strategies

Today's market is driving companies to change strategies to compete and remain profitable. In part two of this exclusive analysis, industry expert Jim Kane explores these strategic choices and how companies are adjusting to the competitive environment.


The noise surrounding LPTA, sequestration masks a deeper shift in the market

In this exclusive analysis, Washington Technology explores how the noise surrounding lowest price contracting and budget cuts are disguising a profound shift in the market. In part one of a two-part series, industry expert Jim Kane explores how this shift impacts contractors and the risks they take on in their government projects.


Will the cloud lose its economic advantage?

Sure cloud computing has cost advantages today, but you have to understand network costs and performance drivers to maximize your return.

In today's market, the big boys should be wary

Long-time industry observer Jim Kane explains how changing market dynamics will give a competitive advantage to nimble and agile contractors over larger competitors.