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Frank Konkel

Frank Konkel is a former staff writer for FCW.

$45M up for grabs in DARPA big data push

DARPA is offering up to $45 million to 12 winners who can bring the potential to revolutionize the use of big data.

HP, NASA dinged for poor performance

NASA's inspector general comes down on HP and NASA, blaming both for poor implementation of the space agency's $2.5 billion Agency Consolidated End-User Services contract.

Top tech firms want stronger surveillance rules

An open letter from Google, Apple, Microsoft and other top tech firms urges Congress and the president to reform U.S. rules so surveillance efforts are "restricted by law, proportionate to the risks, transparent and subject to independent oversight."

Judge says IBM never stood a chance of winning CIA contract

A recently unsealed court order in the battle between IBM and Amazon for a $600 million CIA cloud computing contract is very critical of IBM, claiming the company designed its proposal so it would have grounds for a protest if it lost.

IBM passes FedRAMP muster

IBM has recieved its FedRAMP certification, becoming the 10th company to capture the cloud computing distinction.

CIA claims cloud injunction will hurt national security

In the ongoing battle between IBM and Amazon over a $600 million cloud computing contract, the government is arguing that IBM's request for an injunction would hurt national security.

IBM captures GSA contract to manage $1B in transactions

Big Blue to offer end-to-end services including critical cloud servces to the GSA Global Supply, which provides commercial goods and services to government customers around the world.

Big Blue files to stop court's ruling over CIA contract

IBM is trying to ensure that Amazon Web Services' latest triumph in the battle to build the CIA's cloud computing infrastructure is short-lived.

Amazon win restarts CIA cloud contract

Although IBM plans to appeal, the judge's ruling in Amazon's favor means work on the $600 million CIA cloud contract can start immediately.

Amazon wins case versus IBM

A U.S. Court of Federal Claims judge has ruled in favor of Amazon and against IBM in the battle for a $600 million CIA cloud computing contract.

Amazon-IBM court battle set to begin

Oral arguments are about to begin in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims as Amazon fights a GAO decision to uphold an IBM protest of a $600 million CIA cloud contract that went to Amazon.

GAO sheds light on IBM-Amazon CIA battle

GAO says the CIA fell short in how it evaluated pricing and relaxed a key technical requirement for Amazon. The spy agency now has 60 days to decide whether it'll recompete the $600 million contract.

IBM wins first round in CIA battle with Amazon

The Government Accountability Office has upheld IBM's protest of the $600 million cloud-services contract that the CIA awarded to Amazon, finding fault with price evaluations and discussions with Amazon post award.

IBM battles Amazon over $600M CIA cloud deal

IBM has protested the awarding of a $600 million CIA cloud computing contract to Amazon Web Services and a decision is expected from GAO within the next few weeks.