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Creating a Success of Biometrics in Government: Purchase this Report

Biometrics has become widely used by governments across the globe, most prominently in passports but also in various other situations. This has created numerous opportunities for vendors of all kinds. However, while there are myriad opportunities available, it is important for vendors to maintain an element of caution as there are a number of potential hurdles.


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CRM and the Move to Constituent-Centric Government (Strategic Focus)

With constituents demanding new and better services from government, CRM has become widely accepted in the public sector, and is used in a number of ways to improve a variety of business process. A key aspect to remember is that in the end, CRM is a strategy first and a technology second; no matter how much an agency rolls out the technology, without a citizen-centric approach, it is unlikely to reap any benefit from implementing a CRM solution. This report will help you understand the market forces affecting the adoption of CRM in government. Gain insight into what features and functionality governments look for in a CRM solution and view the market size and growth for CRM over the next five years.

IT Systems Management Exploiting the Infrastructure for Business Value: Purchase this Report

The market in Systems Management has evolved over recent years, the leading vendors have all integrated the ability to monitor and manage a variety of infrastructure components, from virtual servers to network switches, in to their solutions. The other major transformation over recent years has been the acceptance that IT departments need standardised process and procedures so that the delivery of IT as a service can be managed more effectively. This IT Service Management focus has seen many Systems Management vendors use the ITIL classifications when describing capabilities. However, this Report is focused on the Systems Management capabilities and not Service Management, and as a result we have identified that only seven major vendors have the breath of coverage to be included in this Report.

In Pursuit of the Paperless Clinical Trial: A look at EDC and CTMS: Purchase this report

The cost of developing a drug is reaching astronomical levels, and the life science industry is looking to cut costs wherever possible. Therefore, company executives are turning their attention to improving inefficiencies during the most expensive phase of drug development clinical trials. This report will analyze software solutions developed to streamline the clinical research process.

Clinical Decision Support in Healthcare One step closer to the Omniscient Clinician: Purchase this Report

As healthcare organizations implement electronic health records, they are becoming increasingly aware of the ways clinical decision support tools will help them improve quality of care, comply with clinical standards and take part in pay for performance initiatives. However, CDS includes a vast range of solutions, many of which are difficult to implement. This report will help you understand where CDS is today and where it will be in five years.

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