• Inside the Army’s RS3 Contract

    The Army consolidated several of its more popular IDIQ contracts into one mega-contract, Responsive Strategic Sourcing for Services, known as RS3. It has a $34.5 billion ceiling and so far it is held by 16 large businesses and 39 small businesses, but more awards are coming later this year in Phase 2. In this hour-long webcast, we’ll take a deep dive into this vehicle, which is being used to buy a wide range support services related to command and control systems, computers, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, commonly grouped together as C4ISR. Read More

  • 2018 M&A Special Report Webcast

    In this hour-long webcast, we’ll take a deep dive into the biggest deals of the past year and what they say about trends driving opportunities in the federal market. Merger and acquisition activity has been reshaping the major companies in the market and creating new emerging players. A steady stream of new competitors is being created and this webcast will look at where these competitors fit in the market. Read More

  • Contractors and the New Era of Cyber Compliance

    In 2018, government contractors must comply with new requirements to protect government data on their networks. Companies must ensure that the government data they hold in their systems and use to serve their customers are secure. Contractors must certify how they process, store and transmit sensitive but unclassified data. This webcast will explore the nuances of the requirement and the NIST standard (NIST SP 800-171) that contractors must now comply with. Read More