• 2018 Fast 50

    In today’s rapidly evolving market, small businesses face many challenges but they also have great opportunities ahead of them. Washington Technology’s Editor in Chief, Nick Wakeman moderates a panel featuring executives from some of the fastest growing small businesses in the federal market that have been named to the 2018 Washington Technology Fast 50. Read More

  • Proposal Writing to Win in the Digital Age

    This online course will teach you how to modernize your proposal writing to win in the digital age using persuasive, attention-grabbing techniques. A 2015 Microsoft study found that digital distractions have resulted in the average person having an 8-second attention span, less than a goldfish! A 2016 Harvard Business Review article stated that bad writing is the biggest productivity buster. Yet, we still write proposals the old-fashioned way, as if our evaluators have unlimited time and focus. Read More

  • IT Consolidation: What's Next for Government Modernization Initiatives?

    IT consolidation has been a high-priority federal initiative for years. While the value is clear, it’s critical for federal IT pros to understand a key piece of the equation: to realize the full value, agencies must also consolidate their ITOM tools. Read More

  • 2018 Washington Technology Top 100

    2018 has been a year of tremendous change in the marketplace and the Top 100 rankings are one of the best tools for the understanding the trends driving today's competitive environment. Join Washington Technology's Editor in Chief, Nick Wakeman has he takes a deep dive into our annual rankings of the largest prime contractors in the federal market. During this webcast, we’ll look at the highs and lows reflected in the rankings as well as look ahead at the major trends driving today’s market. Read More

  • Minimizing the Impact of Critical IT Incidents in U.S. Public Sector

    The U.S. Federal Government wants its agencies to modernize their use of IT, primarily through increasing the use of cloud platforms. The prime benefits are expected to be more agility, improved resilience and security and, in the long term, better citizen services and improved agency reputations. Read More

  • Inside the Army’s RS3 Contract

    The Army consolidated several of its more popular IDIQ contracts into one mega-contract, Responsive Strategic Sourcing for Services, known as RS3. It has a $34.5 billion ceiling and so far it is held by 16 large businesses and 39 small businesses, but more awards are coming later this year in Phase 2. In this hour-long webcast, we’ll take a deep dive into this vehicle, which is being used to buy a wide range support services related to command and control systems, computers, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, commonly grouped together as C4ISR. Read More

  • 2018 M&A Special Report Webcast

    In this hour-long webcast, we’ll take a deep dive into the biggest deals of the past year and what they say about trends driving opportunities in the federal market. Merger and acquisition activity has been reshaping the major companies in the market and creating new emerging players. A steady stream of new competitors is being created and this webcast will look at where these competitors fit in the market. Read More

  • Contractors and the New Era of Cyber Compliance

    In 2018, government contractors must comply with new requirements to protect government data on their networks. Companies must ensure that the government data they hold in their systems and use to serve their customers are secure. Contractors must certify how they process, store and transmit sensitive but unclassified data. This webcast will explore the nuances of the requirement and the NIST standard (NIST SP 800-171) that contractors must now comply with. Read More

  • 2017 Washington Technology Top 100 Webinar: A year of change and transformation

    2017 has been a year of tremendous change in the marketplace and the Top 100 rankings are one of the best tools for the understanding the trends driving today’s competitive environment. This webinar will explore those trends including major merger and acquisitions, new technology trends, budget issues and evolving customer demands. Drawing from our data and from interviews with leading executives, Editor-in-chief Nick Wakeman will explore what the changes mean and where companies will find opportunities in the next year and beyond. Read More

  • Government Contracting: Raising the Bar on IT Supply Chain Security

    For systems integrators and IT vendors, the security of the IT supply chain is vital to their business with the federal government. The global nature of the IT supply chain makes security both more important and more challenging than ever. That’s where the Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard comes in. O-TTPS — Mitigating Maliciously Tainted and Counterfeit Products — has emerged as a much-needed industry standard for ensuring the integrity of the supply chain. In this webcast, thought-leaders from government and industry will discuss how systems integrators and their partners can implement O-TTPS through the full life cycle of their programs. Read More