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Personalized customer service is what customers get every time they use SEWP.
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When assessing her SEWP bowl full of priorities, SEWP PM Joanne Woytek knows which priority rises to the top – services!

“So as long as we do the job well, I can invest to make SEWP better,” explained Woytek.

Services On SEWP
With SEWP IV, the definition of what services would be permitted was clarified. Woytek said there had been some restrictions on installation and integration of the products for SEWP III.

“We realized that was limiting the people who wanted to put together a large solution. So you can now get a full solution with all the products and the product training all in a package with SEWP.”

At the same time, SEWP further defined maintenance support services. “We always have hired a consultant now and then, so we allow for a little bit, but in theory we pretty much try to de-emphasize anything that sounds like support services. There are a lot of other contracts that do that better.”

The bottom line is there is no dollar limit on the services needed for planning, installation and implementation of your enterprise-wide solution, but if there are support and maintenance services needed after that, customers are going to need to use another procurement vehicle.

Known As The CH(a)RM
“People are amazed that we do what the contract says we’ll do and we do respond in a day,” noted Woytek. “We do have a very strict turn around requirements so that everybody does things quickly.”

Customers appreciated that there was always a trained SEWP representative who answered calls and that questions where usually answered within 24 hours.

“Anytime I’ve called, I’ve gotten good help. Anytime we’ve written emails, the response has been less than 24 hours, sometimes in just a couple of hours,” said EPA’s Larry Simon.

Some were impressed that even Joanne Woytek would respond to calls when needed. The fact is everyone does what is needed to get the job done. In fact, during the busy September timeframe, don’t be surprised if Woytek answers the phone to help with your order.

SEWP users are also very complimentary on the friendly manner by which calls were received. “What I find interesting and appealing to me is the receptiveness of the SEWP program people to listen and to put these changes into motion,” said Air Force’s Tom Moseley.

“We’re beefing up our services; we are increasing our capability to deliver orders faster and adding more to customer service.”
Joanne Woytek, SEWP Program Manager

Customer service is what customers get every time they use SEWP.

“We have added a new role – the Contract Holder Relationship Manager,” said Woytek.  Also, known as the “CH(a)RM”, his job is to be the advocate for the Contract Holder when they are doing the right things.”

“If they are doing things incorrectly, the CHRM makes sure they know how to do the rules correctly. His job is to make sure all the performances are great and exceptional. If they need help they have one person to go to, sort of a customer service manager for contractors. Also customers like that because they have a single point of contact.”

Tracking, Checking, Reporting
SEWP provides a lot of automated reporting. For example agencies can ask SEWP to track certain items and report to the agency whether they’ve been purchased or not.

The SEWP team also does a lot of supply checking.

“Everything is checked so that we have tight control of this contract. Every item that goes on the contract is checked, every order is checked and then we do a lot of reporting,” said Woytek.

“We can tell their customers if those items are available and daily reports go out to our customers, to our Contract Holders, to ourselves checking every item,” added Woytek.

The key to SEWP’s outstanding customer service is knowing what is available in real time.  The SEWP team knows what is on the contracts and what people are buying.  No matter whatever a customer needs, the SEWP team is on top of it.