SEWP Contract Guide

SEWP Gets Your IT Ducks in Line
NASA’s SEWP IV (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) GWAC gives you access to nearly 1 million unique IT products from more than 2,000 manufacturers.

Why do IT buyers consistently rely on SEWP IV?

Ask that question to users of the popular GWAC and you are likely to get answers such as these from government IT buyers who attended the 2008 SEWP Conference.

“It’s easy, it’s convenient. And all the vendors that I use are there already, so there’s more competition.”
–Vanida Thompson, DOJ

“I believe the main reason that the specialists use SEWP is because it is easy; it is accessible. Many of the products that our customers are looking for can be found on SEWP.”
–Mary Ann Hall, DITCO

“I can get more quotes, better prices.”
–Billy Sexton, NASA

“…it’s a matter of efficiency. The RFQ Tool is by far the best that I’ve see. I’ve used GSA e-Buy. I’ve used NIH tools as well and …I find the other two extremely lacking. Overall…SEWP as a whole is so much better. I want someone who’s going to be responsive to my needs. I found that SEWP is the one who does that for me.”
–Tom Moseley, Air Force

“…because it’s the easiest procurement vehicle. We [previously] bought a supercomputer and it took us 18 months and then we used SEWP…and it took us a month.”
–Larry Simon, EPA

Products on SEWP were seen as very competitively priced, and in some cases priced better than on other contracts. Plus, SEWP was seen as a better value because of its lower fees (0.6 percent with a $10,000 cap).

With all that praise from SEWP users, one might think that the SEWP staff is completely satisfied with its current recipe of customer services.


Often Happy, Never Satisfied
“I get to use my favorite phrase, ‘often happy, but never satisfied’,” explained Joanne Woytek, SEWP program manager, when describing SEWP in an interview with 1105 Custom Media.

Since SEWP’s inception, it has always been broad in IT scope  both to attract companies to be on the contract and buyers who were looking for all types of IT.

Because SEWP is easy to use and easy to work with, conference attendees relayed example after example of how they are able to get items much quicker than with other contract vehicles; and how products were delivered
“expeditiously” from suppliers they know and trust.

Described as accessible and convenient, the SEWP website ( contains information such as pricing, product numbers and item descriptions. Attendees cited the RFQ tool for its ease of use, allowing contracting personnel to receive more quotes responsively and accurately.

According to Woytek, the RFQ tool is being constantly improved adding new capabilities. For example, “we have the ability to indicate that an award has been determined, so people can say ‘I’ve done my RFQ and I’ve made my award’,” explained Woytek. “The tool also provides the ability to verify that items are on the contract so customers can do the award.”

“I’m happy with the website, but we have a long list of things we need to do, but over the last year, we’ve made significant improvements,” said Woytek. “Next FY we will have a whole rewrite of the RFQ tool. We have so many new ideas as to how we can make it better.”

IT Solutions Buyers Want
The SEWP acronym stands for Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement said Woytek. “I like it because it talks about solutions. It’s not just products; it’s not just a catalogue. What we provide are Contract Holders who can give the whole solution.”

So, while you can certainly buy any quantity needed, SEWP is geared towards providing “more whole product solutions rather than a single computer,” added Woytek. “You can get the whole suite of solutions – computer, networks and installation – from one company on one contract vehicle.”

“We wanted to emphasize you can use SEWP for more than just a single purchase. Use SEWP to help solve enterprise-wide problems,” said Woytek. In addition to NASA, two agencies who are doing just that are VA and Justice. They are using SEWP as an enterprise-wide solution.

Plus SEWP has an MOA with DOD which, according to, establishes a framework for the relationship to support the mission of both agencies, to improve efficiencies and leverage resources and capabilities.  In particular, the MOA establishes procedures for the use of the SEWP contract by DOD including the DOD IG’s recommendation that DOD users “take maximum advantage of the free on-site training affered by NASA and to routinely use SEWP’s online RFQ tool”.

Woytek knows that in order to stay competitive, you have to provide the solutions and service customers are looking for. That’s something SEWP has been doing since the 1990s.

“Let’s make sure the world knows what we provide and that we are useful to the government. If we aren’t useful to the government then we aren’t worth being around,” exclaimed Woytek.

With six more years on a contract, a fee of just 0.60 percent and a ceiling of $5.6
billion, SEWP has proven itself to be a premier customer focused vehicle
capable of serving up fresh technology for a long time to come.

The Inside Scoop On SEWP 

SEWP IV is an authorized Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) authorized by OMB. SEWP IV is an IT IDIQ, firm fixed price contract authorized to run through 2014 with a ceiling of $5.6 billion.

Solutions Galore
SEWP IV offers a wide variety of IT products and product solutions, including:

* Desktop Computers and Laptops
* High performance servers and data-base servers
* Mass storage and network devices
* Advanced video and visualization solutions
* Computer support devices
* Security systems and tools
* Audio-Visual systems
* Cost per Copy Multi-Functional Printers
* Warranty and Maintenance
* Implementation and Installation
* Product-based Training

Plus many more solutions are available. Items on SEWP are updated daily and your order is turned around quickly. After it reaches the SEWP BOWL, it is sent to your chosen supplier in one day.

Low Surcharge
The SEWP surcharge (fee) for all orders is a base of 0.6 percent with limits:
    Order Amount          Fee percentage
    $0 - $1,666,666       0.6 percent
    $1,666,666 on up    $10,000 cap

The current SEWP surcharge is capped at $10,000 per transaction. SEWP is the only product GWAC with a fee cap.

Self-Funding SEWP
The SEWP program budget is self contained. It gets no direct funding from NASA and no SEWP funding is provided to NASA except for overhead costs.

Go to the SEWP BOWL
Mission control for SEWP is the Business and Operations Workstation Laboratory or SEWP BOWL. The hard-working members of this customer-service center keep your procurements moving forward.

They provide support for the entire procurement lifecycle including processing requests for product additions within 24 hours. Service starts with pre-order support with the online Product Search and RFQ tools and they track your quote requests and vendor replies.

They take a proactive order processing role, accepting orders through fax or email and ensure all orders comply with regulations and include all required information. They also keep track of orders to make sure none are lost. After the order is made, they process order status reports and post them online.

Finally, they make quality assurance checks on product delivery, product functionality and overall customer satisfaction. And if there is a problem, they will help resolve it.

Source: SEWP