SEWP Contract Guide

German SEWP

When the SEWP staff talks about taking to the road to promote SEWP ’s benefits and perform SEWP training, who thought the road would lead overseas to military bases in Germany this year.

 “We’re going to seven different bases with 8 of our Contract Holders,” said Marcus Fideli, SEWP business development director. Contact SEWP for the itinerary.

 Fideli explained that with SEWP’s increased military presence and the way orders are coming, this would be a good trip for us to try. “We have gone to Germany before and had success, so we wanted to try it again.”

 The SEWP road show will provide an in-person opportunity for Contract Holders to tell the Services what they can provide. “We are there as the SEWP Program Office to support and answer any questions and we are providing training at two locations in Germany as well,” noted Fideli.

 SEWP is planning training for DISA DITCO and certain parts of the DOD DDS which part of DLA and Defense University according to Fideli.

 “We want to make sure they understand and know what they can use,” added Fideli. “We bring our Contract Holders to tell them this is what they can do for you and we will train folks right there to use the contract.”

 The SEWP team is showing its commitment to reinvesting and putting money into training. They are making sure government is getting the product and solutions they need.

 But don’t think  you have to travel to Germany to see the SEWP team in action. They regularly are at technology events throughout the U.S. Check the SEWP website to see when they are coming to a location near you, or contact them at