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Hughes SATCOM-II Solutions for Federal Agencies
Satellite technologies should be an important part of every federal agency’s networking strategy.  Satellite-based solutions offer agencies path diversity and a redundant networking option, enabling employees to continue working even if the agency’s primary terrestrial network fails.  Furthermore, satellite technology is ubiquitous, reaching the most rural locations, and ensuring remote offices are connected.


As a GSA SATCOM-II provider, Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), offers a complete package of satellite solutions, services, and support for SATCOM-II customers.  Hughes stands ready to work with agencies to deliver networking solutions including mobile, transportable, and fixed sites – encompassing design, engineering, installation, operations, maintenance, and support for mission-critical applications such as:

* Continuity of Operations
* Distance learning
* Emergency preparedness/response
* Streaming video
* Telework
* Telemedicine


Hughes’ SATCOM-II broadband satellite solutions/services include:

* Broadband primary, high availability, and back-up networks utilizing fixed or transportable very small aperture terminals (VSATs)
* Managed network services
* Mobile satellite voice and data services
* Multicast or broadcast satellite services
* Point-to-point and mesh connections
* Satellite capacity
* Transportable services


To learn how Hughes can help support your agency’s goals via SATCOM-II, please contact us at 1-800-416-8679 or visit