CONTRACT AND BUYERS GUIDES: Pentagon Renovation Accelerates With IP Advances

The Pentagon renovation program, especially the $1.3 billion Information Technology (IT) portion, is keeping pace with the ever-accelerating rate of
technological change, bringing new hardware, software and telecommunications components to the refurbished site and delivering unparalleled capabilities to Pentagon tenants.


Driving the technological transformation is a team made up of commercial IT suppliers, the Department of Defense and Army. The Program Executive Office, Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) Information Technology Systems (ITS) Project Office also continues to apply forward-thinking
solutions in the renovation effort.


Under the leadership of ITS Director Hari Bezwada, the Pentagon’s 25,000 tenants are being equipped with IT assets designed to optimize cost and performance, while taking into account the limited space available and ongoing construction schedule. Highlights of the team’s efforts include:


* Opening the Pentagon Cable Information Network (PCIN) facility;
* Implementing Voice over Secure IP (VoSIP) capabilities;
* Completing a full wedge of tenant moves in one year.

The PCIN facility was developed to collect and distribute satellite and over-the-air digital video content to users at the Pentagon, as well as laying the groundwork for IP-based video distribution. As with all other aspects of IT
modernization at the Pentagon, the new technology infrastructure will transform tenants’ use of technology, delivering easy access to information with unprecedented speed and flexibility.


pentagonThe VoSIP capabilities implemented at the Pentagon are delivered over a Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN)-compatible, IP-based system. The capabilities enable secure, joint-interoperable voice communications from the tactical community to the Pentagon. Along with the implementation of standard VoIP systems throughout the Pentagon, these efforts underscore the ongoing convergence of voice, data and video services on IP-based networks.


Moving one-fifth of the Pentagon in one year is a remarkable achievement. The 2007 moves included the most senior Office of the Secretary of Defense tenants in the Pentagon, including the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of the Air Force and the Air Force Chief of Staff. All voice, data network and audio-visual/briefing display systems were completed on schedule and within budget.


The ITS Project Office’s implementation of performance-based incentive awards and effective governance models has set new benchmarks for quality and customer satisfaction. Using integrated product teams (IPTs) and other innovative business practices with industry partners have been key to the program’s success.


Since the original Pentagon’s construction in 1943, through the renovation efforts that began in the mid-1990s, technological implementations at the site were completed in piecemeal fashion. Individual military services and various agencies installed solutions to meet each organization’s specific needs. Today’s Pentagon renovation effort is addressing inconsistencies as it deploys integrated and streamlined solutions that leverage hardware, software and telecommunications advances.


The ITS Project Office recognizes the efforts of industry partners who contribute greatly to the success of this ongoing project. The combined efforts of the team have helped to transform the Pentagon’s technological infrastructure, which has a direct bearing on tenants’ ability to meet national security objectives.