At DOD and DHS, agency specific contracts fulfill the IT product and service needs of these two communities. As needs change, so will the contracts leaders say.

As Congressionally mandated mergers, both DOD and DHS have a lot in common. Both had their birth in conflict and both brought together departments and agencies with diverse cultures and a wide variety of missions.


So, it is not unusual that over the years DOD has developed and used its own set of contracts to buy the IT the department needed, because it wanted vehicles that served its unique mission.


For DHS, it is the same thing; you are bringing together 22 components; you need to continue building the “OneDHS” infrastructure; and you need to provide a common IT purchasing vehicle to facilitate the building of a new department. The result is EAGLE/First Source, now flying for two years and counting.


In The Cloud
For IT buyers in these two communities, the process of buying readily available commercial technology is getting friendlier; and your ability to buy new technologies is expanding.


For example, there is DISA’s new RACE “pay as you go service”.  According to DISA, the Rapid Access Computing Environment (RACE) provides a self-service approach. Using it, a DOD customer goes into a Web-based portal and provisions their virtual operating environment-based on already in place standard architectures. Within 24 hours it is provisioned for them to do whatever tests or development they want.


DISA’s Center for Computing Services calls it basically true cloud computing where users get a certain amount of storage and processing and pay for as they use it. And when they are finished they can shut the service off.


It’s all about the platform and cloud and a hosted work environment explained DISA CIO John Garing during the July Federal Executive Forum. “We need to provide the hosted environment, “the cloud” so they can work from wherever they are.”


And as new services are unveiled, they will be added to the stable of products and services DOD buyers are now buying through contracts such as the Army’s CHESS and Air Force’s NETCENTS.


EAGLE In Flight
While DOD is moving steadily upward towards the clouds, DHS has been hard at work keeping its much publicized EAGLE/First Source IDIQ flying high, while at the same time looking towards the future.

“EAGLE is a good example of the IT community coming together with the procurement community to come up with a solution that works for both of us.”
Soraya Correa, Director of Procurement, DHS

In a recent interview with 1105 Custom Media, Soraya Correa, Director, Office of Procurement Operations, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said that they have awarded about 199 task orders, worth over $4 billion in value. The task orders are for all types of services including those for independent
verification and validation services, enterprise architecture support, DHS’s first and second data centers and infrastructure, operations and maintenance.


“The components are writing their own task orders. They are using our EAGLE vehicle exactly for what EAGLE was intended,” said Correa.


Correa said that by having the EAGLE IDIQ, they had one vehicle all the components could use to manage their IT programs and work with the DHS CIO towards the “OneDHS” vision. “We are having a huge success with that and every component has issued multiple orders under the EAGLE contract.”


Improving Their Offers
Both DOD and DHS are working hard to improve their contracts and their offerings.


In this The DOD/Security Buyers' Guide, Soraya Correa of DHS talks about how EAGLE is working two years into the contract and what they are thinking about for the future.


You also will read about some of the resources DOD relies daily such as the Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI)/GSA partnership and the DISA Field Office.