CONTRACT REPORTS: The Procurement Directorate


The Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) Procurement Directorate includes the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization, DITCO, which is the contracting “arm” for DISA. It provides contracting support to the Department of Defense and other federal agencies who request contracting assistance.  DITCO’s primary mission is to buy telecommunications and information technology products and services for military customers – the warfighters.  DITCO has contracting offices in all of the major theaters around the world, providing business advisors and contracting support to their unique customers in each area of responsibility.


DITCO’s contracting philosophy today is the management of risk.  In the past, most contracts were issued on a time-and- materials basis in which the Government assumes most of the risk.  Now, performance-based contracts provide a contracting method in which the Government and the vendor share the risk.  Time and materials contracts are rarely used any more.  DITCO is working with customers to define requirements more completely so that performance- based contracts can be awarded.  Contracts may also provide incentives for vendors to improve products or services.


Under the leadership of the Procurement Directorate, DISA sponsors a Forecast to Industry Day each year.  At the Forecast to Industry,  DISA senior leaders and program managers provide information to the Agency’s industry partners on contracting opportunities that will be available in the next 18-24 months.  We are scheduling our next Forecast to Industry for mid-summer 2008 at the FDIC Center in Arlington, Virginia.


DISA currently has several projects which are either in the contract planning stage or for which a request for information (RFI) has been issued.


An RFI for Future Commercial Satellite Services was issued on January 30, 2008 to gather information that will help the Agency define its future approach for planning, provisioning, acquiring, managing, and operating commercial satellite communications (COMSATCOM) services for the Combatant Commanders, Services, and Defense Agencies.  Because of the magnitude and potential impact of this procurement on future commercial satellite services, the program office and Contracting jointly conducted an industry day for one-on-one discussions which was scheduled for mid-March 2008.  The industry day event included an overview session and one-on-one sessions between DISA and satellite industry representatives, allowing for a more engaging exchange.


Another major acquisition is the Defense Transport Services – Pacific II (DTS-P II) follow-on contract.  This procurement provides transmission service requirements for the Expanded Pacific Region.  The Expanded Pacific Region consists of the Pacific Command (PACOM) and parts of the Northern Command (NORTHCOM) and Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) areas of operations.  Essential requirements are end-to-end information transfer services for DoD and authorized non-DoD operations, seamless interoperability with the global Defense Information System Network (DISN), positive control, robust bandwidth, provisioning agility and flexibility, diversity, security, cost-effectiveness, technology insertion and enhancements.


The current Defense Global Services (DGS) contract expires September 30, 2010. DISA’s contracting organization, the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO), has issued an RFI to seek suggestions and inputs from industry that will help shape DISA’s strategies for stewardship of the Global Information Grid (GIG), from operations and sustainment to approaches to contracting.  White paper responses have been requested from industry in response to the RFI.


CORENET is another procurement which is in the planning stages.  This procurement will provide support services to DISA’s Corporate Information Systems Network managed by the DISA Information Systems Center.  This internal network provides IT services such as e-mail and office productivity applications along with internet and intranet access.  Support services will include system administration, help desk support, server support ands other support services.


All of the equipment, services, telecommunications and systems that are procured by DISA’s Procurement Directorate are advertised on the Contracting Opportunities link at dcop.asp as well as on the FedBizOps web page, D4AD/index.html.  Check these web pages daily for all of the latest procurement information.  And also watch for our date announcement for our Forecast to Industry on