Access CHESS Contracts Via Customer Friendly Web Tools

With the CHESS “it e-mart", CHESS's very own electronic e-commerce ordering system, customers can order IT products and services, request quotes from vendors, do configuration checking, and search across our contracts right from their computer via the Internet.


You would think that the organization that supplies the entire Army with IT would number in the hundreds. Not so according to CHESS PM Micki LaForgia.


“We are an extremely small office,” said LaForgia. She explained that people are surprised when they see our organization chart.


“People can’t believe we are providing the entire Army with hardware and software with only 15 people doing all of the customer service and strategizing and about the same number of contractors doing technical work.”


That’s why the CHESS website is so important to the program’s success. “We see our website as a force multiplier, said LaForgia.  To make it even more customer friendly, the CHESS team has embarked upon website improvements, including the implementation of version 2 of the “it e-mart”. 

Under the CHESS umbrella are ADMC-2, ITES-2H and ITES-2S. They allow decentralized ordering by COs worldwide.  There is no fee and customers are assured products and services they procure are fully compliant with all Army and DoD IT standards and policies. 

“We are just about ready to begin testing the new system, but we didn’t want to do it during the CB,” said LaForgia. Plus the end of the FY is always a very busy time and the CHESS team is taking no chances during the CB and postponed the tests. But LaForgia and her team expects to test after September and the new features to be fully operational by the end of 2008.

New and Improved
“We are sprucing up the colors,” said LaForgia. “We are going Army green.” So, while the look may not be very different, the search capability will be.

Currently you can search through products and probably get more than you want to see. New will be a much more refined search.

“We are pretty good at the searching  of products by part numbers and designators like desktop notebook, but if there policy on the web, it is difficult to plug in a search term and scan everything or be up more than you wanted,” said LaForgia.

“That will be greatly improved and we will have collection features that we don’t have now that will make the site even more customer oriented.”  For example, look for an interactive FAQ section where many of the questions the CHESS team receives will be answered.

Contract Facts
Each contract has a dedicated CHESS Product Leader who is available to assist customers.  CHESS further supports its customers through its Help Desk and the “it e-mart” on the CHESS website.  Through these many CHESS resources, customers can obtain information on products and services, request quotes or proposals, check the status of their orders, review contract terms and conditions and use their government credit card to purchase IT products.


ADMC-2: This is the Army’s primary source for commercial off-the-shelf desktops, notebooks, ruggedized and semi-ruggedized devices, video teleconferencing equipment, printers and peripherals.  ADMC-2 allows for limited services which include installation, asset tagging, imaging, site surveys and system configuration.  The Army utilizes the ADMC-2 contracts to conduct its semi-annual Consolidated Buy.


ITES 2-H: This program support the Army enterprise infrastructure goals with a full range of server, storage, client and networking products and solutions compliant with existing standardization and interoperability policies.  ITES-2H has been designated as Army’s source for its approved Information Assurance (IA) products. 


ITES-2S: This provides IT support services that support and enhance centralized operation and management as defined by the Army CIO/G-6.  The services provided by ITES-2S support the Army’s portion of the Global Information Grid (GIG) and network-centric warfighting objectives. 


ITS-SB: Coming soon are the Information Technology Services – Small Business (ITS-SB) small business set-asides. These will provide IT services to CONUS locations for task areas not currently provided through existing CHESS vehicles.