Alliant and Alliant Small Business (SB) are GSA’s enterprise flagship GWACs; built to service your IT requirements for the next 10 years.

GSA’s new Alliant and Alliant SB GWACs help you get the IT solutions you need to meet mission requirements in a streamlined fashion with minimal fuss. These two long awaited GWACs are the product of a collaborative effort between customers, providers and GSA.


The solution provider you choose has gone through a rigorous competitive process — just to get the opportunity to compete for your Task Order (TO). You are guaranteed to get the best value IT solution from an outstanding firm, one with a track record of excellence and expertise in supporting government. The first objective of both IDIQ contracts is to provide service continuity. Alliant is replacing the Answer and Millennia GWACs ending in 2008-2009. Alliant SB is actually GSA’s first small business only GWAC.

buildMary Powers-King recently joined GSA as the Director of GWAC and IT Schedule Programs. She brings more than 25 years experience managing IT programs in government and the private sector. “At GSA we’re making every attempt to listen to people who provide us with input on improvements and to incorporate lessons learned from our prior experiences with the acquisition process,” said Powers-King.

It also assures you that to be on Alliant or Alliant SB, GSA has reviewed all proposals, verifying companies have the systems and capabilities they promised. They have approved purchasing and accounting systems and they have secure facility accessibility.

Alliant and Alliant SB are both fee for service. GSA is charging the standard fee of 3/4 percent; it’s no different than GWACs or Schedules. The fees are included in the price paid to the contractor. The contractor then pays GSA, so there are no hidden costs.  “We feel it is very competitive rate,” said Powers-King.


Alliant is conducive to interoperability and open source technologies; it also supports the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA), performance based contracting and the reuse of solutions. These are essential elements IT professionals must integrate for government to accomplish its LOB, modernizing infrastructure and security/IA initiatives.


Why You Should Care About Alliant
“We have built Alliant to thrive in the rapidly changing environment that is the IT industry,” declared Jim Ghiloni, Director of GWAC Programs. “They are the next generation GWACs reflecting the direction the government has been moving in its IT investments in last few years.”


Through Alliant and Alliant SB, government buyers have vehicles in place to purchase $65 billion in IT solutions over the next 10 years. What Alliant does is help you minimize your risk, so you don’t have to buy solutions more than once. You want a provider to come in, knowledge in-hand, and solve your problems and facilitate whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. By using Alliant, you will be able to do just that.


Flexibility in Scope, Security and Teaming
The scope of both Alliant and Alliant SB includes any and all components of an integrated IT solution. This includes all current and any new technologies which may emerge during the life cycle of the contract for IT systems and services in support of National Security Systems, as defined in FAR 39.002.


According to GSA, as the definition of IT changes over the life cycle of the contracts, the scope will be considered to coincide with the current definition at any given time.


“It is flexible and responsive to changes in technology and available solutions,” explained Ghiloni. “That means when industry partners come up with new technologies and solutions, we don’t have to change the contract, just change the directory because it’s still IT and it’s good over the lifecycle of the contract.”


With the contract’s ability to adjust to changing IT technologies, customers also have the option to customize their level of security.

“We have set a foundation within Alliant where the customer can craft the particular security requirements unique to them. We encourage our customers in their TO requests to further define what makes sense for them,” said Ghiloni.

“At GSA we’re making every attempt to listen to people who provide us with input on improvements; and to incorporate lessons learned from our prior experiences with the acquisition process.”

Mary Powers-King, Director,
Office of GWAC and IT Schedule Programs, GSA

So, if you want the requirement where all personnel have a top secret clearance, you are free to do so and be confident that Alliant awardees have that staff available and you will get adequate competition for your unique solution.

“We built the baseline,” added Ghiloni. “All the basic clauses and provisions related to security and IA are in the basic contract and you are assured of a foundation to build upon the specifics you need.”

GSA’s teaming arrangements are a great example of where less is more. There are no prescribed teaming arrangements on any of GSA’s GWACS, including Alliant.


“They can team with each other, they can team with subcontractors, small businesses, large businesses, whatever it takes to accommodate that particular requirement,” explained Ghiloni. “And that can change from requirement to requirement. There are no
prescribed lists, no limitations which gives much more flexibility.”


That is a value to the customer and to the Industry Partner said Ghiloni, freeing them up to put together the best possible answer for the government. “We are  about maximizing flexibility and choice for customers and Industry Partners so they can put together the best solution and not be constrained arbitrarily,” added Ghiloni.


Overseeing Contractors
There is a lot of discussion about the oversight of contractors these days. Because Alliant is a GWAC that means GSA is keeping track of the contract, reporting annually to OMB on such things as Fair Opportunity, the use of Small Business, meeting socio-economic goals, using EVM and other issues.


On an ongoing basis GSA monitors performance, reviews SOWs and tracks what the companies are doing and how they are doing it. So there is an additional level of scrutiny and oversight transparent to the customer without adding any cost.


And if there are poor performance or security concerns, GSA has the clout to address those issues with the company’s senior management. “We can make sure that everything is being monitored and being done properly on behalf of our customers,” noted Ghiloni.


The Alliant Bottom Line
“Alliant is very, very broad in scope and can support any of your IT needs,” explained Powers-King.  It is flexible, comprehensive and next generation in terms of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) and the DOD EA.


Both Alliant and Alliant SB have a quality set of proven companies under the contract. Meeting GSA’s objective to get the very best IT contractors onto a single vehicle where you can get anything you want, Alliant and Alliant SB deliver. They bring some good competition for your TO.


“Alliant is a vehicle that’s relevant for 10 years in terms of how it’s built and its ability to react to the certain changes in the technology market,” said Ghiloni.