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The NETCENTS contract provides dedicated contracting support to Air Force, Department of Defense (DoD), and Civilian and Federal agency systems and program managers in acquiring a wide range of commercially-available information technology services, specialized communication-computer support systems, software programs, software engineering, and related products and technical non-personal services. Among our offerings are Software Development ID/IQ Contracts, Information Technology Services Blanket Purchase Agreements and Advisory and Assistance Services Blanket Purchase Agreement providers. These contracts are used for acquiring the development, test, production, deployment, and support of military automated information systems, computers, software, software engineering, and related products and technical services. In addition, we have the Air Force Network-Centric Solutions 2 (NETCENTS 2) contract. The purpose of NETCENTS 2 is to provide Air Force, DoD, and other Federal Agencies with a primary source of net-working equipment/product supply and a means of system engineering, installation, integration, operations, and maintenance for a family of DoD adopted commercially standardized networking solutions that are interoperable with Air Force, Joint, and DoD Standardized Networking Technical Architectures.


For more information contact:
Program Manager: Ms. Debra Foster, (334) 416-4233
Contracting Officer: Ms. Francine Nix, (334) 416-4555
NETCENTS 2 Procuring Contracting Officer, HQ 754th ELSG/ES, 501 E. Moore Drive Maxwell, AFB Gunter Annex AL 36114


Air Force Digital Printing and Imaging Blanket Purchase Agreements Awarded for Network Printers and Multi-Function Printers
The AF Information Technology Commodity Council (ITCC) launched the new Digital Printing and Imaging (DPI) program earlier this year. The new centralized sourcing program will significantly reduce the Air Force’s DPI spend by consolidating enterprise-wide requirements to leverage the service’s buying power and ensure the best selection of equipment at the best value. Altogether, the program is expected to save the Air Force more than $43M over the next five years.


Implementation of the program began with the award of blanket purchase agreements (BPA) to three original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of network printers and network multi-function printers. The suppliers, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, and Xerox, are offering devices, toner, and associated services through AFWay at prices lower than GSA listings. After a fourth BPA is awarded to one small business reseller, the four DPI BPA holders will compete semi-annually to meet the Air Force’s printing and imaging equipment requirements. This process of focused competition will be modeled after the Quarterly Enterprise Buys for Air Force desktops and laptops which has saved more than $155M since 2003 while enhancing security and increasing network operability through device standardization.


Digital printing and imaging (DPI) equipment, as defined by the AF ITCC, encompasses network printers and network multi-function printers (MFPs), which combine printing, scanning, and copying functions. Since printer and copier technologies continue to converge, MFPs are the preferred choice to replace more expensive stand-alone copiers and other devices.


In addition, DPI covers all supplies associated with printing—most significantly, toner cartridges which have historically accounted for 37 percent of the Air Force’s annual DPI costs. Since toner has usually been purchased separately from DPI equipment, its cost was not typically factored into the selection process. Moving forward, the cost of toner will be included as a key element of DPI device selection to encourage competitiveness in the pricing of this life-cycle cost driver. The selection process will also consider all warranty, maintenance and other support services for purchased and leased equipment to allow for an improved assessment of life-cycle costs.