ELSG: IT Services & Solutions


Mission Statement
Provide dedicated contracting support to Air Force, Department of Defense (DoD), and Civilian and Federal agency systems and program managers in acquiring a wide range of commercially-available information technology services, specialized communication-computer support systems, software programs, software engineering, and related products and technical non-personal services. Among our offerings are Software Development ID/IQ Contracts, Information Technology Services Blanket Purchase Agreements and Advisory and Assistance Services Blanket Purchase Agreement providers. These contracts are used for acquiring the development, test, production, deployment and support of military automated information systems, computers, software, software engineering and related products and technical services. In addition, we have the Air Force Network-Centric Solutions (NETCENTS) contract. The purpose of NETCENTS is to provide Air Force, DoD and other Federal Agencies with a primary source of networking equipment/product supply and a means of system engineering, installation, integration, operations, and maintenance for a family of DoD adopted commercially standardized networking solutions interoperable with Air Force, Joint and DoD Standardized Networking Technical Architectures.


AF Enterprise Microsoft Services
Program Manager: Maj. Douglas Plumley, (334) 416-4521
Contracting Officer: Ms. Annette Hudson, (334) 416-1370
Microsoft Contract #: FA8771-04-C-0003
Network-Centric Solutions (NETCENTS)
Program Manager: Mr. John Taylor, (334) 416-3979
Contracting Officer: Ms. Maria Jones, (334) 416-4076
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. Contract #: FA8771-04-D-0006
Centech Group Contract#: FA8771-04-D-0002
General Dynamics Network Systems Inc. Contract #: FA8771-04-D-0007
Lockheed Martin Systems Integration Contract #: FA8771-04-D-0008
Multimax Inc. Contract #: FA8771-04-D-0003
NCI Information Systems Inc. Contract #: FA8771-04-D-0005
Northrop Grumman Information Technology Inc.
   Contract #: FA8771-04-D-0004
Telos Corporation Contract #: FA8771-04-D-0009
Wireless Handheld Services/Devices
Program Manager: Ms. Barbara Sanford, (334) 416-6825
Contracting Officers: Mr. Alex Iglesias, (520) 538-8832 (Army)
Cingular Contract #: W91RUS-06-A-0003
Sprint Contract #: W91RUS-06-A-0002
Verizon Contract #: W91RUS-06-A-0001
T-Mobile Contract #: W91RUS-06-A-0004


* Create a highly competitive environment among wireless communication providers in which to leverage the Air Force’s purchasing volume and reduce TCO for wireless services and devices.
* Consolidate Air Force purchases under enterprise-wide purchase agreements to obtain lower prices for the same services, develop new flat rate pricing options, and increase user flexibility under more favor-able terms and conditions.
* Capture usage and pricing data across the enterprise to enable peri-odic analyses and value-based plan changes.
* Improve enterprise capability (e.g., enhance security, improve cover-age) and streamline the procurement process for both the government and its suppliers.


Global Combat Support System —Air Force (GCSS-AF) GCSS-AF provides a component-based Reference Architecture Framework that serves as the Integration and Application Framework Layers for GCSS-AF functional capabilities consistent with the Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment (DII COE), the Joint Technical Architecture — Air Force (JTA-AF), and based on commercial open standards. The GCSS-AF Reference Architecture Framework also provides common interfaces for those functions that either directly or indirectly support Command and Control (C2) or share information with C2 Systems. The Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) Ordering Process provides a timely and assured method to acquire software products and maintenance services from the GCSS-AF contract. The ordering period for Services ends December 10, 2008 and ordering period for Products ends December 10, 2011. Program Manager: Mr. Toy Robinson, (334) 416-5943 Contracting Officer: Ms. Marie Walton, (334) 416-4015 Lockheed Martin Corporation Contract #: F01620-96-D-0004


3 Easy Ways to Contact Us
1. Visit us on the web at https://afway.af.mil
2. Call us using DSN 596-5070 or Commercial (334) 416-5070
3. Send an email to one of these sites:
QEB: qeb@gunter.af.mil
NETCENTS: netcents@gunter.af.mil
Microsoft and/or ESI Agreements: 754.kabs.esi@gunter.af.mil