ELSG: Information Technology Commodity Council


One Air Force—One Network—One Commodity Strategy


Develop Information Technology (IT) commodity strategies to shape commodity management behavior, leverage Air Force buying power, reduce the total cost of ownership for commercial IT products and services, improve IT infrastructure for Cyberspace operations, and improve warfighting capabilities.



* Fulfill AF needs
* Develop strategies to leverage USAF IT spend
* Socio-economic strategy
* Commodity support strategy
* Business rules to execute strategy
* Demonstrate measurable reduced "Total" IT cost
* Achieve technical compliance
* Adopt technical standards
* Minimize number of hardware & software con-figurations
* Ensure alignment between Air Force policy and commodity strategy
* Incentivize and enable ITCC strategy compliance
* Achieve stakeholder buy-in and utilization of ITCC strategy
* Achieve adequate competition among strategic industry partners
* Rationalize the vendor base to obtain top performing vendors, highest quality products, at the best value for each commodity category
* Reduce the number of redundant contracts per vendor
* Continue to foster small business


Accomplishments (As of Jul 15, 2008)

* 568k PCs purchased in QEBs; $168M in cost avoidance; 12.7% of sales to small business
* Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) delivered on 504k QEB PCs beginning FY06 and operating on a total of 533k PCs across the Air Force
* Over 226K EPEAT compliant PCs delivered to AF users
* 55k users (99%) of the four major AF suppliers for Cellular Services & Devices (CSD) migrated to enterprise agreements with those carriers; projected annual savings: $5M
* Initiated 3 MAJCOM pilots to optimize cellular plan selection for additional $2M savings AF-wide when complete
* Air Force Digital Printing & Imaging (DPI) devices now available for ordering on AFWay at savings up to 23%
* BPAs competitively awarded to Xerox, Lexmark & HP
* AFCA has certified DPI network printers & multi-function printers for inclusion in the Air Force Evaluated/Approved Product List
* Device configurations & settings reviewed by NSA, NIST, DISA, AF ITCC MAJCOM Representatives, AFCA


Current Initiatives

* Coordinating Air Force Quarterly Enterprise Buys (QEBs) for mainstream desktops, laptops, and monitors; beginning execution of the DPI strategy
* Updating the FDCC to include Microsoft Vista for use across the Air Force
* Improving standardization by maintaining Air Force Buying Standards for mainstream desktop, laptop, monitor, and network data-enabled cellular devices
* Analyzing monthly cellular usage to drive rate plan changes and optimize the AF spend
* Continuing to execute DPI strategy by establishing purchase agreement with one small business reseller
* Instituting Green Procurement in each of the ITCC strategies


IT Commodity Council Membership
Director: Mr. Kenneth Heitkamp DSN: 596-4405
Deputy Director Lt. Col. Stephen Davis DSN: 596-3105

Core Team: Ms. Dorothy Priest DSN: 596-4350
Core Team: Ms. Barbara Sanford DSN: 596-6825
Core Team: Ms. Anne Smith DSN: 596-2734
Core Team: Mr. Ben Burns DSN: 596-2544
Core Team: Capt. J.B. Carteret DSN: 596-2083
Core Team: Capt. Radis Paster DSN: 596-2421
Core Team: Ms. Nancy Oiler DSN: 596-4541
Core Team: Mr Mark Milton (contractor) DSN: 596-1108
Core Team: Ms Tamara Greene (contractor) DSN: 596-4101
Core Team: Mr. Jeff Titrud DSN: 596-3385

ACC: Mr. Bill O’Neill DSN: 574-6394
AFMC: Mr. Herb Clonch DSN: 986-3966
AFRC: Mr. John Gillespie DSN: 497-1824
AMC: TSgt Kevin Miner DSN: 779-5838
AFSOC: Mr. Richard Hager DSN: 579-7766
AFOTEC: Mr. Mark Harris DSN: 246-8097
AFSPC: Mr. Richard Kalford DSN: 692-9655
ANG: Mr. Tom Rogers DSN: 278-8612
AETC: Mr. Dominic Grazioli DSN: 487-3856
AF/SG: Maj. Mickey Goodridge DSN: 761-6622
PACAF: Ms. Ana Lokelani DSN: 315-449-4669
USAFE: Mr. Jason Howe DSN: 314-478-0572
AFISR: Ms. Shawna Wimpy DSN: 969-6787
AFRL: Mr. Robert Helt DSN: 785-3576
AFCA: Mr. John Schmitt DSN: 779-5621
AFCEE: Mr. Elbert Williams DSN 240-3030
SAF/SB: Mr. John Caporal DSN: 426-1103
SAF/AQC: Lt Col Glen Savory DSN: 426-1095
HAF CIO: Mr. Charles Vaughters DSN: 425-8393
SAF/XCDIG: Ms. Sheri Klenk (contractor) DSN: 703-588-6078