Snowflake’s cloud data platform provides federal systems integrators secure and governed access to all data with instant elasticity, per-second pricing, and secure data sharing across multiple clouds.

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    Learn how the Data Cloud will transform your business by attending the Academy’s four instructional tracks presented by Snowflake experts, customers, and partners. Download Now

  • Snowflake for Scalable Embedded Analytics Apps

    Embedding analytics directly into applications can provide customers with sophisticated insights. Read how Snowflake’s cloud data platform addresses challenges FSIs typically face when building embedded analytics applications. Download Now

  • Snowflake for DevSecOps

    Greater agility, higher security, and lower costs with Snowflake. Download Now

  • 2020 Forrester Report: Total Economic Impact of Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform

    Escape the trap of legacy analytics with Analytics Process Automation (APA) and go from raw data, to insights and outcomes that enhance service delivery, accelerate mission outcomes, and up-skill existing data resources. Watch the video and find out what APA can do for you. Download Now

  • Blog: Forrester TEI Report: ROI of 612% Over 3 Years

    Snowflake is pleased to share the findings of a 2020 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TWI) Study. Download Now

  • Cloud Data Engineering for Dummies

    Find out how your organization can produce fast, reliable, quality data as well as easily and security share data across your organization. Download Now

  • Demonstration: Snowflake for Federal

    Snowflake is the cloud-agnostic solution for secure, governed access to data with infinite scalability, per-second compute pricing, and low storage costs. Watch this demo to see how Snowflake helps FSIs serve their federal customers. Download Now

  • Master Class: People, Policy, and Pipes

    Culture can be the biggest obstacle to data collaboration and truly leveraging data as a strategic and tactical asset. View this Master Class from the FCW Cloud Summit to learn how addressing People, Policy, and Pipes is essential to successful data sharing. Download Now

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