IT Schedule 70 - An Introduction

Understanding Key Benefits of GSA's IT Schedule 70

The General Services Administration’s IT Schedule 70 is the government’s go-to source for IT acquisitions and is broadly recognized for its benefits of cost savings, time savings, selection, and built-in value. IT Schedule 70 is organizationally positioned under GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and Office of Integrated Technology Services (ITS).

The efficiencies associated with purchasing information technology via the pre-existing, pre-competed GSA IT Schedule 70 save both time and money for government customers. To confirm these benefits, GSA is examining the time it takes a government entity to award its own full and open contract, using products and services readily available from GSA. After a review of over 700 contracts, findings indicate that large-value IT contracts take 25 months to complete on average. This timeframe is well over the average of IT Schedule 70 contacts. Further, in 77 percent of the 700 contracts examined, contract awards were ultimately made to vendors that already hold existing IT contracts.

What is IT Schedule 70?

IT Schedule 70 is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract. It is an IT procurement vehicle that offers a comprehensive array of state-of-the-art IT products, services, and solutions. Approximately 80 percent of IT Schedule 70 contract holders are small businesses. Recently, this contract vehicle has been used primarily for service-oriented procurement offerings. Services made up more than $11 billion of the contract vehicle’s $16.2 billion in FY2010 sales.

Today, IT Schedule 70 is the largest procurement vehicle and the most widely-used acquisition offering in the federal government. Nearly one-third of all MAS contractors are available through IT Schedule 70’s Special Item Numbers (SINs). Considered ‘Evergreen’, IT Schedule 70 contracts contain a five-year base period, plus three five-year option periods.

Federal, state, local, and tribal government customers should consider utilizing GSA’s IT Schedule 70 to optimize the planning and procurement process and leveraging GSA’s suite of e-Tools that facilitate market research and offer automated purchasing capabilities. Cost savings are also generated via pre-negotiated ceiling prices that provide significant discounts from commercial pricing and serve as a starting point for head-to-head competition or further negotiations.

Finally, GSA IT Schedule 70 offers customers both online and in-person training, providing the assistance and support they need to complete the often complex IT purchasing process.

Why IT Schedule 70?

GSA uses IT Schedule 70 to deliver a full range of IT solutions including hardware, software, maintenance, network services, cybersecurity, professional IT services, and more. Key benefits include:

Ease of Use – Simplified online ordering and use of Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs).

Built-in Value – Nationwide network of resources, including complimentary e-Tools, extensive training opportunities, and responsive regional GSA representatives.

Safe-harbor – Assistance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) compliance.

Variety – Access to 5,000 industry suppliers, providing millions of products and services.

Teaming – Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs) allowing industry partners to collaborate and offer a total solution to meet specific customer requirements.

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