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Procurement Special Report

Progressive Procurement

Progressive Contracting Introduction
Well-Defined Requirements Will Drive Progressive Procurement
The current Procurement process isn’t optimal for what the federal government needs, and the Administration is committed to transforming it.

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The Vision Is Becoming Real

AQD Guides Agencies Through Acquisition Maze
If you had a vision for Procurement, wouldn’t it be “a secure business environment that facilitates and supports cost-effective acquisition of goods and services in support of mission performance.”

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Be America’s Buyer

Professionals Key to Government Acquisition Success
If you are up to it, being America’s responsible buyer is a very rewarding career path with challenges at every turn, making the days fast paced and never boring.

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Transformation Is Its Middle Name

BTA Delivers Business Services on Time, on Budget
BTA provides accountability and insight into the business activities around DOD, such as finance, procurement, acquisition, logistics and HR.

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It Takes Two To Tango!

Industry Faces Challenges in Government Contracting
The Professional Services Council is a respected industry voice and leader on legislative and regulatory policy issues related to government Procurement, outsourcing and related business policy. Its more than 300 member companies represent small, medium, and large businesses. Many provide the IT services government uses every day.

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