Special Report: Continuity of Operations

Continuity of Operations

Federal Executives Describe Continuity Planning Progress

More than half of a recent survey’s 250 respondents said their agencies were moderately prepared to function during an emergency, and individually, 66% reported they would be able to function with little or no disruption in the aftermath of an interruption or disaster.

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USGS Bolsters COOP Using a Content Delivery Network

Following a series of ‘data delivery’ delays and interruptions during hurricanes and earthquakes, the USGS decided to use a combination of redundant servers at its data centers and a commercial content delivery network (CDN) service to ensure continuity of operations.

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NIST Updates Federal IT Contingency Planning Guidelines

While a majority of federal agencies name security as the biggest obstacle to cloud computing, NIST and the Computer Security Alliance offer best practices advice for how to mitigate risks, authenticate users and ensure industry suppliers are able to protect federal information in the cloud.

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Telework Gets a Boost in Congress After Winter Closures

If and when it’s signed into law, the Telework Enhancement Act could go a long way toward increasing the use of Telework among government employees, especially during emergencies. Reports indicate the government could save millions in lost productivity if employees could work from home during snow closures, for example.

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COOP Basics: How to Ramp up Preparedness Now

COOP initiatives mandated by federal oversight authorities require agencies to select functions considered essential to operations. It’s widely recommended government organizations prioritize actual risk and protect critical systems and applications.

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