Alliant GWAC Special Report

Alliant Is The Place To Go!

Alliant provides access to 59 outstanding industry partners and streamlined acquisition procedures while adhering to all federal acquisition regulations.

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Keeping Your Target In Scope

GSA offers a complimentary scope review process where interested customers send their SOW and get an opinion whether it is appropriate for Alliant within two to five days.

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Cereal and Legos

Alliant is different from other IT GWACs because it is mapped to the Federal Enterprise Architecture. To understand what that means, Alliant PM Jim Ghiloni said think about “cereal and Legos”.

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Crafted For The Customer

Alliant provides a lot of value add for customers to conceive of their requirements from cradle-to-grave in an OMB friendly format.

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Using Alliant In Six Easy Steps

Your agency IT requirement is in scope to use Alliant and has gotten its Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA). Now it is time to use it.

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Authorized To Use

Buyers must complete training to be granted a written Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA), designating them as authorized users.

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Fees & Capping Fees

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Alliant Small Business Is Big Business

Alliant Small Business (SB) enables federal agencies to fulfill their IT services and services-based solutions requirements and at the same time meet or exceed socioeconomic goals through the utilization of small businesses.

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10 Steps To Using Alliant SB

By following these 10 easy steps you'll complete the Alliant SB lifecycle.

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Accessing Alliant

Agencies may access Alliant in two ways – Direct Acquisitions or Assisted Acquisitions.

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Industry: Getting Ready For You

GSA isn’t the only one working hard to get Alliant up and running. So are the 59 Alliant Industry Partners on Alliant and the 72 Alliant SB Industry Partners.

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Alliant Awardees

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Alliant Small Business Awardees

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Two For Ten

>>Alliant and Alliant Small Business At-a-Glance...

GSA Alliant Full Report (PDF Format)