Special Report: Strategies for the Federal Government

More Bang For The Buck

Virtualization has the power to transform your agency’s IT architecture, boosting flexibility, slashing costs and helping you obey the open government mandate: “Do more with less”.

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Virtualization: State Of The (Shrinking) Union

The top-down order to transform IT is driving federal agencies toward virtualization.  But many federal CIOs are seeking more clarity about where we are on that road – and where we’re going.

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The Virtualization Business Case

If your agency is under the gun to run leaner and meaner (and you’re also tasked with becoming greener and more transparent to citizens and sister agencies) virtualization is about to become your new “BFF”.

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Securing The Family Jewels

You’ve got the right people and processes in place to keep your mission-critical information safe in the physical world.  But dangers both old and new can lurk in the virtual shadows.

Here’s how to benefit from virtualization and still keep your agency’s valuable assets safe…   


The FCW Virtualization Checklist

Virtualization could be the least sexy, most essential component of cloud computing – and it’s definitely going to happen.  To reap the full benefits, you need to plan meticulously so you can deploy fearlessly.

Here’s FCW’s exclusive checklist on how to do it right…


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