Snapshot: Rugged IT

Rugged Netcentricity: Don't Crack an Egg

The military, law enforcement, first responders and medical markets are demanding rugged systems that can be dropped repeatedly and from greater heights, that are sealed against finer grains of sand and also moisture, that have fewer or no moving parts and that have screens that can be viewed in sunlight out on the flight line and in the desert.

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One Laptop Per Child for a Rugged World

One of the world’s most unique rugged IT programs is aimed at children, specifically children in underdeveloped countries who would normally never have access to any computers at all.

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On the Record With Ashok Jain

Ashok Jain, product director of Common Hardware Systems for the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office Command, Control and Communications Tactical discusses the Army’s tactical computing and networking systems.

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Addressing the Need for More Performance at Lower Cost

It’s not just the Army that is engaged in war. Local police and fire departments, as well as emergency medical technicians and other first responders are engaged in a war on cost.

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Rugged Computing on the Aircraft Flight Line

For aircraft maintenance, computing devices used for digital manuals and technical orders must be light weight, rugged, have wireless Internet capability and long lasting batteries.

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