Special Report: Infrastructure Optimization

Ready, Set, Optimize

In order to meet existing and future Administration initiatives around infrastructure optimization, federal agencies must first analyze what they have, and then determine what they need.

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Costs Down, Productivity Up

Agencies that make the most of their infrastructures by combining WAN optimization technologies with application visibility can expect to cut bandwidth costs in the near term, while boosting user productivity in the long run.

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Building Blocks

Dynamic provisioning of virtualized servers lets federal agencies optimize their infrastructures to accommodate computing demands of today and tomorrow.

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Focus on Security

As federal agencies take steps to optimize their infrastructures by maximizing and consolidating resources, opportunities arise to strengthen security along the way.

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Prove It

By leveraging network flow data from existing sources to show compliance, federal agencies can take advantage of what they already have to meet stringent reporting requirements. 

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Bonus Material: Closing the Gap