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TECH WATCH: Data Center Virtualization

Industry Insights  

ClearCube is a leader of centralized desktop computing and virtual desktop solutions.  Their offerings span solutions for 1:1 power users to many virtualized task and knowledge worker desktop environments, and integrate connection broker software, blades, access devices and professional services to give organizations full control and flexibility over end-user computing. ClearCube’s focus is delivering a complete desktop experience including performance, flexibility, manageability, and scalability.


Fewer Really Is Better
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10 Keys To Data Center Virtualization
Public Perspectives: Michael Sade, GSA
Industry Insights
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Virtualization is quickly moving from the datacenter to the desktop with a virtualization framework consisting of five major products.  ClearCube solutions provide the flexibility to select the virtualization technology that best fits individual environments, and out of the box support each of those technologies.


ClearCube has been recognized for delivering enterprise-class capabilities for traditional centralized desktop computing as well as virtual desktop management including: connection brokering, virtual machine management, thin client management, dynamic resource allocation, load balancing, active health and monitoring, disaster recovery and support for a wide variety of back-end hardware and user access devices. It is the only virtual desktop solution to manage both the physical and virtual resources within heterogeneous environments, providing cross-platform support and giving customers the flexibility to deploy the right solution for the right user type.


IDC Opinion White Paper: The Tangible Benefits of Blade Clients - Companies with high requirements for serviceability, security, lower energy requirements, availability, and or low-noise environments should consider a blade client solution for at least a part of their client population. Read More


Red Hat Virtualization


Red Hat is the world's leading open source solutions provider and most recognized Linux provider in the world. We serve government through technology and services made possible by the open source model. Now with integrated virtualization, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform provides dramatic capabilities that reduce server costs, make applications more reliable, less expensive to own, and easier to manage. It's the first complete open source solution that provides commercial-strength server and storage virtualization that is up to 300% faster than proprietary alternatives, compatible with the widest range of servers and software, and most importantly available at no extra charge – it is built right into the OS. Fully integrated. Ready to go. With no need to purchase additional products from multiple vendors.

CIOs have ranked Red Hat first for value in Enterprise Software for four consecutive years in the CIO Insight Magazine Vendor Value study. Learn more about extending the value of virtualization with Red Hat by visiting here... 


Virtualization - Maximize Efficiency with the Right Power and Cooling technologies from APC by Schneider Electric


By now, everyone knows the billboard benefits of virtualization - increased computing throughput, smaller server footprint, fewer watts consumed. But most virtualized environments do not take advantage of the secret to maximizing the savings entitlement: streamlined, managed power and cooling that can significantly magnify the efficiency gains of virtualization. With virtualization, the power requirement of servers can be reduced by a factor of eight or even more. However, without a parallel refresh of the power and cooling infrastructure, dollars go down the drain from under-loaded power and cooling systems, suboptimal cooling distribution, and unmanaged dynamic IT loads. "Where should I locate my next server?" should be a routine input to an intelligent capacity management system. Scalable power and cooling that can track both virtualization and growth, combined with new tools for managing capacity and change, can yield savings that equal or exceed those of virtualization itself.


An Improved Architecture for High-Efficiency, High-Density Data Centers


Data center power and cooling infrastructure worldwide wastes more than 60,000,000 megawatt-hours per year of electricity. Learn ways to dramatically improve your data center efficiency today!