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Virtual Desktop Special Report

One “Golden Image”

Ask an IT manager whether they would like to manage 1,000 individualdesktop images, each housed on an individual desktop they have tophysically touch and maintain? Or whether they would rather manage onedesktop “golden image” with various user profiles housed behind the firewall in the data center where applications and security are directed remotely; and updates are downloaded quickly without physical contact?

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Wherever I Go…

Will the Virtual Desktop capabilities be as prevalent in a hardware device in five years as a Wi-Fi card is in a hardware device today?

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Six Degrees To (Desktop) Separation

Implementing a Virtual Desktop environment will indeed separate you from a “fat client” computing environment. But as with everything, you need a good plan to make sure your “six degrees to separation” comes to fruition.

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Virtual Reality Checks 

While you're doing checking your Six Degrees, take the time and effort to conduct ongoing virtual reality checks during your “six degrees to desktop separation”.

>>Take the Virtual Desktop Virtual Reality Check...

First Step To The Cloud

Virtualization within an agency or a networked data center is one of the first steps to Cloud Computing..

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