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FDC Aims for Big League With Acquisitions

Government Micro Resources Inc.

New York Gives Thumbs Up to Web as Services Tool

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Storage Solutions

BTG Service Pushes Data to Federal Market

Canadian Company Offers Year 2000 Giveaway

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Agencies Target Human Resource Outsourcing By David T. HughesContributing WriterFederal agencies are increasingly turning to outsourcing and the use of commercial, off-the-shelf solutions to meet

Doing Business

Strategies, Players and Emerging Markets

FedCenter Gets Foot in Government Door

Manufacturing Technology Inc.

Digicon Corp.

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Geographic Information Systems Go Mainstream

Network Solutions' Latest Strategy Brings Success

Agencies Target Human Resource Outsourcing

JIL Information Systems Inc.

The product is unequaled in its ability to store and retrieve information,the company says

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Agencies, Trade Groups Plot Internet Reforms

Deja Vu All Over AgainBy Jon B. KutlerThe titans of industry consolidate at a rapid pace. Age-old definitions of critical mass are recalculated monthly as larger and larger competitors are created.

Use Caution When Negotiating Commercial Item SubcontractBy Jonathan T. Cain Contributing Writer Procurement reform legislation designed to expand the government's purchase of commercial rather th

Year 2000 Problems Get International Attention

Use Caution When Negotiating Commercial Item Subcontract

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in Government Outsourcing

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Government Demand

Business Process Re-engineering and Beyond


Compiling the Numbers

Industry Chases New State, Local Business

Integration Market Shifts

Agency IT Spending Has Ups and DownsBy Robert Deller Contributing WriterThe Office of Management and Budget recently reported that informationtechnology spending levels in the federal governme

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Washington Technology Online Data Warehousing: A Paradigm Shift

Work Force Shortage Spurs Training Initiatives, Innovations

Taxing Government Storage Systems

Ernst & Young

Spinning the World Wide Web

InteliData Plans Breakup After Short Marriage

Agencies Spar Over New GSA Schedule

Utah Powers Up Its IT Infrastructure

Government Demand Surges for Technical Expertise

Information Technology Solutions

NEC, Identix

Finding Things on the Internet: Part II

Camber Corp.

Anstec Inc.




High Tech Awards Keynote Address

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Range of Roles, Promise

Gelco's Travel Manager Scores Big

Texas Uses Integrated Medicaid Fraud System


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Systems Security Industry Confronts Corporate Demands, Government Policies

No New Internet Taxes, For NowEditor's Note: President Bill Clinton's decision to favor a moratorium on Internet taxes puts the White House at odds with most of the nation's governors. Hence, the pr

GovCon Dishes Infotech Data on Partners, Rivals

N.J. Blueprint Bolsters Business, Efficiency

1997 High Tech Awards

Firms Eye High-Tech Park

Compaq, GTSI Partner on ContractsIn the article titled "GTSI Touts Size as Key to Reseller's Financial Success," which appeared in your Jan. 26 issue, there was a statement that reads, "GTSI's bigg

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Convergence and New Technologies Change the Landscape

Data Mining

WT's Wall Street Review

Small IT Firms Should Protest Expanded GSA Schedules



Compaq, GTSI Partner on Contracts

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Welcome to the HUBZone

Government Disaster Recovery Demand Grows

The Changing Face of the Internet

Global Internet Market Beckons UUcom

FDC Aims for

Pulsar Data Systems

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