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Internet Tax Bills Face Legislative Hurdles

Government Demand Surges for Technical Expertise

GTSI Touts Size as Key to Reseller's Financial Success

Check Out Those Updates and Upgrades for Your Computer

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JIL Information Systems Inc.

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States Dial Up

FedCenter, Tech Data Join Hands

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Cabletron Changes Channel in Sales Strategy

Microdyne's Mr. Fix-it Looks Forward


Good Tips for the WebI'm not a PR type but I must applaud you for your Internet 201 column in the Dec. 4 issue of Washington Technology and your Washington Technology home page. It is an excellent e

Planning Technologies Inc.

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Good Tips for the Web

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Work Force Shortage Spurs Training Initiatives, Innovations

Pulsar Data Systems

Global Internet Market Beckons UUcom

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High Tech Awards Keynote Address

Congress Eyes Federal Criminal Code ChangesBy Jonathan T. CainContributing WriterThis year, Congress is expected to consider whether the federal criminal code should be further expanded to includ


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1997 High Tech Awards


Indus Corp.

Data Mining

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Agencies Sent to Year 2000 Doghouse

Agency IT Spending Has Ups and DownsBy Robert Deller Contributing WriterThe Office of Management and Budget recently reported that informationtechnology spending levels in the federal governme

Camber Corp.

Comark Federal Undergoes Metamorphosis

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Wanted: Graduates of Bill Gates U.

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Congress Eyes Federal Criminal Code Changes


Computer Associates Cleared for Dulles Landing

Anstec Inc.

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Government Demand

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Small IT Firms Should Protest Expanded GSA Schedules


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Digicon Corp.


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Information Technology Solutions

White House Urged to Name Year 2000 Czar

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Vista Deals Build Market Presence

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FedCenter Gets Foot in Government Door


Manufacturing Technology Inc.

Integration Market Shifts

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IRS Stalls $8 Billion Prime Program

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Deja Vu All Over AgainBy Jon B. KutlerThe titans of industry consolidate at a rapid pace. Age-old definitions of critical mass are recalculated monthly as larger and larger competitors are created.

Condor Consolidates Small IT Players

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Maryland Taps Technology to Nab Red-Light Runners

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White House Rules Spark Union, Vendor Lobbying

Government Micro Resources Inc.

Check Out Those Updates and Upgrades for Your ComputerBy John MakulowichSenior WriterA computer friend expressed surprise recently that so many people seem to use outdated versions of operating s

Industry Must Heal ItselfThe news last week that the White House has launched an initiative to fund the training of computer professionals sparked widespread interest throughout the high-tech indust

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Industry Must Heal Itself

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Compiling the Numbers

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Gilmore Gets High Marks From Industry