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THE CASE FOR COOPERATIVE PURCHASINGI read with interest the article, "Small IT Firms Should Protest Expanded GSA Schedule" in the Nov. 6 issue of Washington Technology. The issue of whether or not


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Playing Santa to Federal Officials Can Lead to JailBy James C. FontanaContributing WriterTreating a valued commercial customer to an expensive holiday dinner may earn you admiration from your cor

SAP's Game Plan: Follow the Leaders

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Playing Santa to Federal Officials Can Lead to Jail

Pulsar Data Systems

Some Naughty and Nice PredictionsWith most of the mega-merger deals already done in the federal information technology arena, the big action in 1998 will turn to smaller niche players.That's righ

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Year 2000 Needs More Government AttentionBy Michael Aisenberg Contributing Writer Recent weeks have seen the rekindling of concern about the year 2000 readiness posture of the U.S. government's

Government Demand Surges for Technical Expertise

Holiday Reading to Hone Your SkillsBy John MakulowichContributing WriterGiven the excessive time your mate is probably spending on the Internet or company intranet, it's probably wise to bite the

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Labor Shortage Sparks Innovation

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Datacap Gathers Contract Wins, Alliances

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Small IT Firms Should Protest Expanded GSA Schedules

Agencies Sent to Year 2000 Doghouse

Justice Readies Global Cyber Crime Plan

Agency IT Spending Has Ups and DownsBy Robert Deller Contributing WriterThe Office of Management and Budget recently reported that informationtechnology spending levels in the federal governme

Free-Speech Advocates Spar With Industry


New York Seeks Outside Audit of Year 2000 Progress

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Government Opens One-Stop Telecom Shop

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The Changing Face of the Internet

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DynCorp, Va. Eye Investment In Spaceport

Andersen Turns Heads in Fed Market

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Microdyne's Mr. Fix-it Looks ForwardBy Bob StarzynskiStaff WriterMichael Jalbert received a mandate from the board of directors when he started his job as chief executive officer of Microdyne C


World Infotech Alliance Finds a Home

Holiday Reading to Hone Your Skills

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Microdyne's Mr. Fix-it Looks Forward

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