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It's UBE and RDF in Web TalkBy John MakulowichContributing Writer Anyone populating the World Wide Web with information or sending blanket e-mail solicitations should learn two acronyms that are


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Cooperative Purchasing: Alive and Well in the States

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E-Net Inc. Blazes a New Trail

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IRS Dispatches Software Police

Agency IT Spending Has Ups and DownsBy Robert Deller Contributing WriterThe Office of Management and Budget recently reported that informationtechnology spending levels in the federal governme

NatTel Seeks Court's Approval to Pick Pocket

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Kodak Sharpens Federal Focus

Data Sales Fund New State Services

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Netscape Signs Licensing Deal

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Government Disaster Recovery Demand Grows

It's UBE and RDF in Web Talk

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Gross and the Year 2000 Gap

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SEC Staff, Bank Examiners Speak on Year 2000


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Agencies Mull GSA Leasing Options

Maryland CIO Eyes Innovative Plans

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Lockheed Martin's Augustine Looks Ahead

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SEC Staff, Bank Examiners Speak on Year 2000By Jonathan T. CainContributing WriterThe staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission has finally offered its view of the duty of publicly traded c

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Year 2000 Needs More Government AttentionBy Michael Aisenberg Contributing Writer Recent weeks have seen the rekindling of concern about the year 2000 readiness posture of the U.S. government's

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Government Lags Business In Electronic Commerce

Comark Federal Undergoes Metamorphosis

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Congress Watches Contract Vehicles

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States Enjoy New Authority, Revenue Boost

Camber Corp.