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Virginia Leaders

IT Performance Guide Takes a Page From Business

OtherEricsson Corp., Stockholm, Sweden, was awarded contracts fromColombian telecom operators Empresa de Telecomunicaciones, SanteFe de Bogota, and Empresas Publicas, Medellin for extensions andu

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Politicians Fiddle As Year 2000 Hammer FallsYou can tell the U.S. government's year 2000 problem is severe - nopolitician is trying to take charge. Neither Vice President Al Gore, House Speaker N

Traffic Systems Await Infrastructure Green Light


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Norman Unit Readies IPO, New Products

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Storage Solutions

Dell Makes Headway in Server Market

Telecom Act Yields Combat, Not Competition

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States Expand Barriers to Online Commerce

Internet Commerce Extends the Long Arm of the LawBy Jonathan T. Cain Contributing WriterElectronic Internet commerce is expected to grow into a $200 billiona year industry by the end of the d

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Taxing the Internet

GIS Providers Plot a New Course

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Lucent Leaves

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EDS Group Targets Internet and New Media Partners

Sun Shines On


The Year 2000:

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Talent Alliance Accents Corporate Unity

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Politicians Fiddle As Year 2000 Hammer Falls

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EDS Links U.S. Postal Service Offices With Commercial Solution

Who's On FIrst

Internet Lobby Expands, Eyes Europe


A Prep Course on Distance Education

District Awaits Nod for New Financial Management System

Internet Commerce Extends the Long Arm of the Law

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Who's On FIrst

BTG, PointCast Bring News to Federal Computer Screens

WTO Pact Creates

U.S. Industry Calls for Plug in Leaking Internet Tax Dam