Tom Keane

General Manager

Microsoft Azure

Tom is a General Manager in the Azure Engineering team, responsible for Azure’s cloud infrastructure around the world, including the design, deployment, availability, resiliency, devops, security, cyber, privacy, compliance and global expansion of Azure.

Tom’s team has made Azure the global presence leader, and is responsible for the design, build and launch of all new regions of Azure and has led these efforts in Australia, Japan, India, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, China and regions for the US Government and US Department of Defense. Tom is responsible for Azure's architecture to address local law, policy or customer sentiment, as well as Azure's architecture of the datacenter to support higher availability, greater efficiency and lower cost.

In the areas of security, cyber, privacy and compliance, Tom has led Azure to the industry leadership position allowing major segments of customers to move to cloud including customers in Government, Defense, Health Care and Financial Services including over 85% of the world’s largest “Too Big to Fail” Financial Institutions. Tom is leading Microsoft’s incubation in Blockchain and distributed ledger.

Since joining Microsoft in 2001, Tom has held a variety of engineering leadership roles. Tom was one of the founding members of the Office 365 engineering team, shipping the first version of Office 365 and leading this service to more than 80,000 customers and 110 million end users and expanding Office 365 to over 40 countries. In this role, Tom also built the management fabric, hyperscale systems and infrastructure that are the foundation of Microsoft services platform globally as well as the user experience framework of Office 365.

Tom is the inventor of over 10 patents covering hyperscale computing, infrastructure operations, user experience and distributed systems. Prior to joining Microsoft, Tom worked as a developer for an international consulting company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of South Australia and lives in Seattle with his wife, Dr. Lara Wagner, and their son (Charlie, 3 years old) and daughter (Sloane, 7 months).