Amy Wilson

Founder and CEO, Author

Empathy for Change

Amy is the author of Empathy for Change: How to Build a More Understanding World, a guide to create positive, compassionate change where we work, live, and play. Amy is a Tech Policy Fellow at the Aspen Institute Tech Policy Hub, a policy entrepreneur developing outside-of-the-box approaches to society’s problems such as our empathy deficit, homelessness, and systemic racism. She served for three years as a Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF), an entrepreneur-in-residence in the White House, to tackle the nation's biggest challenges across two Administrations.

Amy has built numerous accelerator programs across multiple markets, from cyber technology, to government procurement, to documentary filmmaking, focused on providing startup founders and storytellers the right learning, tools, mentorship, coaching, and connections to realize their visions. She specializes in building and sustaining cultures of innovation with a social good mission. She pioneered Booz Allen Hamilton’s Innovation Blueprint, Playbook and Ecosystem, which defined innovation in the context of consulting, made innovation accessible to all, and created virtual and in-person places to incubate ideas. She has challenged the status quo at 12+ organizations and can both set and implement the vision. Amy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, with a concentration in Public Relations, and a minor in British and American Literature, from the University of Maryland, College Park. She has two certificates from Stanford University: Innovation/Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking; two from General Assembly: Product Management and Front-End Web Development; and one in Documentary Filmmaking through Docs In Progress.