Dan McCoy

    Chief Innovation Officer

    Transportation Security Administration

    Dan McCoy serves as Chief Innovation Officer for the Transportation Security Administration. He is focused on driving cultural, foundational, and operational innovation across TSA in coordination with Administrator’s intent.

    Since joining TSA, Dan and team have begun developing an enterprise strategy for innovation to expand the ways TSA solves challenges, supports emerging leaders, and partners with non-traditional and traditional partners. The Office has launched numerous initiatives such as TSA’s first design thinking training module, a 12-week certificate program, and established TSA Launchpad, a detailee group to dedicated to incubating problem solvers testing hypotheses and developing pilot solutions.

    Prior to TSA, Dan served as the Government & Public Services (GPS) Domain Manager for Deloitte Catalyst, focused on developing new partnerships, businesses, and technology assets to support Federal and State Governments. In this space, Dan focused on bridging emerging technology capabilities and government needs, building ecosystems were startups; venture capital; enterprise; and government can work together to accelerate innovation.

    He holds Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Political Science from Hofstra University. In his free time Dan listens to a concerning number of Podcasts per week and provides unsolicited recommendations on each.