Viraj Gandhi


Paradyme Management

Viraj is responsible for ensuring the company strategy aligns with the vision and mission set forth by the Executive Team. He ensures the three primary functional areas within Paradyme Management – Service Delivery, Business Development, and Operations work seamlessly with each other in an effort to achieve transparency and efficiency. Viraj strives to operate Paradyme Management as an open system that taps into the talents and interests of all Paradymers, allowing for multilateral growth and development. Viraj believes in creating a dynamic environment for Paradymers, where work is both engaging and fun. In an effort to enhance Paradyme’s office culture he even went so far as to engage in an act of nepotism, by appointing his Frenchie, Kayden Gandhi, as Chief Canine Officer (we overlook this indiscretion, however, because Kayden is an extremely qualified candidate).

Viraj began his career with Keane Consulting Group where he advised clients such as AON Insurance, Prudential Securities, and Boston Public Schools on business processes, organizational change, training, and program management. He earned his B.S in Finance, Management and Strategy from Babson College and is an alumni of Harvard Business School and a graduate of the Owner/President Management Program. Viraj is also an active member of the DC Chapter of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO).