Bruce Sinclair

Publisher of, Advisor, Author and Speaker

Bruce Sinclair started in the business of IoT in 2008 as CEO of a networking company that sold a smart home–enabling platform to Internet service providers. His career began as a mathematician and then programmer who quickly found his way to business through marketing. He worked his way through product marketing and brand management to be VP of Marketing for a large Microsoft subsidiary. Since then Bruce has been CEO of companies in the visual computing and IT industries.

Today Bruce is the publisher of and advises brands, manufacturers and IoT vendors on their IoT strategies. He also conducts workshops for managers and executives on how to build IoT businesses and product lines.

Bruce is well known in the industry from his IoT podcast, video series and monthly meetup in the Silicon Valley, and is a featured author for publications such as Computerworld, Forbes, Network World and ZDNet. Find out more about Bruce at &