The Project 38 Podcast: The future of government contracting

Hear the conversation at Project 38, a podcast series that explores what is driving change in the federal market and how contractors need to prepare for what the market will look like in 2038.

Project 38, Episode 3: Managing through disruption

In episode 3, our guest is David Kriegman, a former SRA International executive, who joined the company when it had less than $1 million in annual revenue and helped take it to over $1 billion. He captured that experience in his book, Zero to A Billion.

In our conversation we discuss how executives can manage through disruptions. And while we may feel we are going through a massive disruption currently, it isn’t the first, nor will it be the last disruption for the public sector market.

Change is constant.

Disruption isn’t just driven by technology, but changes in competition and changes in how the government buys also are sources of disruption.

Kriegman shares key principles that companies and their leaders need to follow to ensure they can make the most of the opportunities that disruption brings.

Project 38, Episode 2: The maturity of the market

In episode 2, our guest is John Hillen, former CEO of Sotera Defense Solutions and current Executive in Residence and Professor of Practice at George Mason University’s School of Business. In our conversation we explore the evolution of the market and how the changes of the last decade are accelerating competition and creating a more open and transparent market as we move forward.

But hurdles remain – too many regulations, too many entrenched incumbents, too many customer focused on requirements instead of outcomes – that discourage new entrants and new business models.

Hear Hillen’s strategic advice on where CEOs and other leaders should focus their attention and what their priorities should be.

Project 38, Episode 1: A Market at the Crossroads

In this episode, our guest is Stan Soloway, former president and CEO of the Professional Services Council and founder of Celero Strategies. Soloway sees a market at the crossroads with new ways of doing business emerging and many traditional government contractors being challenged to change their ways or be left behind. 

Soloway brings a perspective from both inside government based on his time inside government as a high-raking Defense Department official as well as his decade and a half of leading PSC and being the voice for industry. 

The challenge for customer and contractor is grasping the technological disruptions in the market and understanding what that means for their customers and employees as well as the future.

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