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GovLoop seeks to show 'Government Doesn't Suck'

When political entertainer Jon Stewart hosts his "Rally to Restore Sanity" on the National Mall Saturday, a cadre of federal employees is planning a small event nearby that should add to the chaos: GovLoop's "Government Doesn't Suck" rally.

Responding to reports like this one in the Washington Post that show a widespread negative perception of the government, GovLoop founder Steve Ressler decided the time was right to stage a counterstrike.

Ed O'Keefe, in a blog entry that appeared on GovLoop and the Washington Post, reported that more than 200,000 people have said on Facebook that they plan to attend Stewart's event, providing a potentially very large audience for GovLoop's event.

"Hope to see lots of folks screaming 'Government Doesn't Suck' & 'Government is Awesome,' " Ressler wrote in a comment on O'Keefe's report.

Posted on Oct 25, 2010 at 10:09 AM

Reader Comments

Wed, Oct 27, 2010

Dave K. is right. We have an elite caste in America called Congress. Until something is done to restore that body to some kind of order, government will suck. They should all serve one term and go home. No voting their own pay raises. No pay or benifits after they leave office. Like the founding fathers wanted, you take time out from your normal life, serve your country, then return home to your life and job. Congress is not a job for life. No pay for life. No benifits for life. Any laws passed apply to everyone....especially congressman and senators! If a program is good enough for the American People it is good enough for congress!! No opting themselves out. Government will start to not suck when there is less of it!

Wed, Oct 27, 2010

Ummm...where there is smoke, there is fire?

While we have many dedicated folks working in the trenches who try hard to get the job done, the GOV (this includes the so called elected folks in congress) has way too many folks who have no accountability to anything, is back to the pay system that rewards slackers the same as the workers (and sometimes more since the slackers have time to politic while the workers are working), and has too many rules from above (all the way to congress) that encourage waste.

I think the "suck" will only get worse since it seems that the incentive to stick your hand out for the freebies is being pushed harder than produce and get rewarded is. Look at the politicians that get elected for promising more "free" government services and other stuff.

Oh, and unless you consider the younger set to be anything under 60, the term "suck" has been used for a lot longer time than one poster implies. A lazy term is correct, but not all that new. And the so called "social" media allows disinformation to be passed faster than fact. What was the joking quote from long ago about how rumor could get across the country before the fastest dispatch could? Now it is fact.

Tue, Oct 26, 2010 DC

My good freind Steve Ressler's on the loose again

Tue, Oct 26, 2010

Just imagine if government hiring/employment was not so secure/stable. Just imagine tens of thousand employees laid off merely because of dips in the economy. We would surely save money, but the whiners would do so even more loudly.

Tue, Oct 26, 2010 Dave K

The sucking sound you hear is government taking over more and more of your daily life... because you can't be trusted to do what's best for you. Prove to me the govt doesn't suck: demand that every bill in Congress cite the constitutional authority that allows it!

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