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The 'is,' 'was' and 'gonna be' world of BD

The business development world has been rocked by COVID-19 with organizations finding ways to operate in a pandemic, but now is also the time to focus on what the new world of BD will be like when we emerge from the crisis.


COVID has changed BD with more changes to come

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven 100 days of challenges, change, and transition; and the remainder of the year will be the blueprint of what is going to be the new normal.


Churchill's message for changing times

Winston Churchill lead the U.K. through the challenges of World War II and his message about change resonates in today's COVID-19 world.


Don't overlook the power of collaboration, curiosity and constraint

Program managers are critical to effective customer engagement because their intimate knowledge of customer challenges. Our June 7 WT Power Training on Mastering Stakeholder Engagement will help you raise those skills to the next level.


How to find the best PMs in today's tight labor market

Finding the best program and project managers in today's tight labor markets means thinking a little differently...and getting the right training.


The best program managers build relationships, not just meet deadlines

In today's competitive market, program and project managers must do more than manage requirements and complete jobs on time and on budget. They have to nurture and grow relationships with their clients.


Turbulent times can be a great time for those who prepare and plan

If the uncertainty of the current environment has you sitting on your hands ... you may want to re-evaluate your personal and professional goals and plans.


Your next BD hire might already be working for you

The arrival of Amazon's HQ2 is going to complicate an already tough hiring environment but your best BD talent might already be working for you.


Program Management: Intersection of Collaboration, Curiosity and Constraint

Program managers might not feel they are part of the business development team but they can play a critical role in customer engagement with their intimate knowledge of customer challenges.


When it comes to BD, put your purpose ahead of your goal

BD professionals easily confuse their purpose with their goals, but knowing the difference on focusing on your purpose -- helping your customer -- will often bring you more success.


Do you know who to invest your BD dollars in?

Everyone in a company plays a business development role, but it is still critical to have a plan on how to develop and refine their BD skills.


How to build the talent pipeline for your BD/capture teams

Companies are finding it harder to maintain their business development and capture teams. Here are three strategies to mitigate the talent poaching.


Are you ready for the bitter truth about BD today?

Today's BD world is more like a three-ring circus of constant churn and change but still high expectations to deliver revenue growth.


5 barriers to revenue growth and how to overcome them

Large, small and mid-size companies face challenges today finding new growth opportunities. Here are five barriers and five ways to overcome them.


Here's how to not waste your precious BD resources

There are key factors to weigh when allocating your business development resources. Here's what you need to know so you don't waste your efforts and your money.

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