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7 tools for sequestration survival

The specter of sequestration is a character test for any company. Here's what leaders should be doing in today's market.


Don't take incumbency for granted

When 40 percent of incumbents lose recompetes, you had better not take customer relationships for granted.


4 keys to better program performance

Kim Hayes of the Ambit Group explains the four ways agencies need to work with contractors for a successful program.


Debunking the 5 myths of Big Data

Accenture's Chris Smith takes on the five most common myths that undermine the value of Big Data.


A two-part strategy for getting value from data center consolidation

A lot of work is getting consolidating data centers, but how do you know it's worth it? Here's how.


Lockheed's 5 principles for a stronger workforce

Stephanie C. Hill, Lockheed Martin president of Information Systems & Global Services-Civil, explains the five principles behind building a stronger workforce.


Three technologies ready to disrupt the market

Consumer technologies have invaded the government market. Our expert explains the promise of transformation these three hold.


Civility lessons from the Top 100

The atmosphere of competition and cooperation that prevades the ranks of government contractors serve as a lesson for all of us.


5 ways the defense industry can fight sequestration

With massive procurement cuts looming, business with the government takes on a new meaning as defense contractors must articulate value not just to the government, but to the grassroots as well.


Leading CEO asks: Do we dare protect national security on a shoestring?

The responsibility to protect national security during a time of austere budgets falls to both industry and government.

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