E-Verify on hold again as administration reviews rule

Trade group reports rule might be delayed for fourth time

Contractors will remain exempt from the E-Verify rule until at least Sept. 8, a trade association said today.

The Homeland Security Department is expected to delay the deadline again, from June 30, for mandatory contractor use of the E-Verify employment verification system, Jennifer Kerber, vice president for federal and homeland security policy for TechAmerica, wrote in an e-mail message to members today.

The rollback is “to allow President Barack Obama's administration more time to complete its review of the rule,” Kerber wrote.

An official notice from the administration is expected later this week, she said.

It would be the fourth time DHS' U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency has delayed the controversial rule. Under former President George W. Bush’s executive order, about 168,000 federal contractors were to begin using E-Verify in January. The order applies to contracts of more than $100,000 and subcontracts of more than $3,000.

Under E-Verify, employers electronically submit Social Security numbers for new hires and existing employees. If there is a match, an employee is eligible for work. Otherwise, further assessments are made. The system has been criticized for errors in the databases.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has filed a lawsuit challenging the rule. The case is pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland.

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Alice Lipowicz is a staff writer covering government 2.0, homeland security and other IT policies for Federal Computer Week.

Reader Comments

Wed, Jun 3, 2009

The real delay is directly related to the Administration's strategy, with the Hill, for a new amnesty bill for about 20 million illegal aliens. E-Verify may break the back of the illegal alien economy in the USA - a circumstance that the Democrats do NOT want.

Wed, Jun 3, 2009 Horace Madison, AL

It's evident now that Obama is caving into political pressure from the left wing ethnocentric groups who still hope for CIR and open borders. The excuses the WH has been giving are weak at best.

Tue, Jun 2, 2009

This is an example of what happened after all the enforcement promises were made to garner enough votes to pass the Immigration Reform and Coltrol Act of 1986. Lots of enforcement promises were made ,I.E employer sanctions, and not kept. The amnesty was expanded and enforcement was weakened. Expect the same thing to happen again if "Amnesty II' ever gets approved. Actually, I think there has been about seven smaller amnesties since the "one time" IRCA of 1986.

Tue, Jun 2, 2009 Brittanicus Indianapolis, IN

Parasite businesses and contractors no matter what it takes, they want cheap labor. They will destroy any person, who actually tries to defy their greedy enjoyment of huge profits. That includes Sen.Harry Reid (D-NV), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Bill Bennett,Chuck Shumer, Janet Napolitano, Dianne Feinstein and to many toxic, anti-American politicians to count. ITS JUST A ANOTHER HUGE EXCUSE, TO BREAK THE ONE REMAINING LAW. JUST AS THEY TRY TO REVOKE OR KILL E-VERIFY, REAL ID ACT, POLICE ENFORCEMENT (247(g) OR ANYTHING CONTRADICTING THE OPEN BORDER, FREE TRADE POLICIES. There must be an awfully big pay-off by the greedy corporate communities to intensify their attacks against E-Verify? The US Chamber of Commerce, ACLU and other anti-sovereignty groups are profiting by placing a wrench in every cog, to stop enhancement of new immigration enforcement law. At each turn these open border organization have been condemned in every way possible, to annihilate E-Verify use in the workplace? Our Democratic free trader politicians have tried to weaken it, or eliminate it altogether even though it has grown in popularity, and shows a high 99.6 success margin. This is not just about the illegal immigration, it has manifested itself as an association, with the open border, free-traders. Free traders have a powerful agenda to open the border gates wide for foreign labor, much as they have in Europe. Now the Europeans have uneasy situation, that has been growing for years and will finally erupt into unrest by the indigenous people who have been ignored. We need to clear out the political free traders, open border zealots and all the other parasites within Washington? NUMBERSUSA, is a good place to start about our corrupted political system, the killing of E-Verify and other immigration enforcement tools. And the sacrilege of pushing for another AMNESTY, with even more people to support.

Tue, Jun 2, 2009 R. Baron Arizona

The best way to improve the integrity of the E-verify database is to begin using the system and have procedures for correcting any errors that are uncovered in use. If the Feds can’t even get a simple database of SSN’s to work, how will they ever be able to implement a national ID system with biometric smart cards and PKI infrastructure? Given that the Fourteenth Amendment created a new class of citizen of the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, it is incumbent on the Feds to identify those who are subject to their jurisdiction.

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