Who's Who in the State and Local Market

Who rules state and local<@VM>How we got the numbers<@VM>Contracts worth winning in 2002<@VM>Who's who: The list - More Than $1 Billion<@VM>Who's who: The list - $500 Million to $1 Billion<@VM>Who's who: The list - $300 Million to $500 Million <@VM>Who's who: The list - $100 Million to $300 Million

(Based on 2001 revenue)

More than $1 billion

Affiliated Computer Services Inc.

Electronic Data Systems Corp.

IBM Corp.

$500 million to $1 billion

Accenture Ltd.

KPMG Consulting Inc.

TRW Inc.

Unisys Corp.

$300 million to $500 million

American Management Systems Inc.

Computer Sciences Corp.

Deloitte Consulting Inc.

Maximus Inc.

Science Applications International Corp.

$100 million to $300 million

Covansys Corp. (formerly Complete Business Solutions Inc.)

DynTek (DynCorp DMR and TekInsight)

Keane Inc.

Northrop Grumman Corp.

Source: Federal Sources Inc.Washington Technology's list of top systems integrators in the state and local government market was compiled by Federal Sources Inc. of McLean, Va.

Because few companies specifically track or provide precise revenue figures for their state and local work, FSI obtained its information using a variety of means and sources. These include research and analysis of public domain information, such as annual reports, Securities and Exchange Commission filings and press releases, and discussions with knowledgeable representatives within the market.

FSI provides intelligence on the public-sector technology market. Its clients include state and federal government agencies, major government contractors and an array of small businesses.

FSI is a subsidiary of Primedia Inc., a targeted media company with more than $1.7 billion in revenue. Georgia Technology Authority

Project: Communications Outsourcing Project

Term: 10 years

Estimated value: $1 billion

Summary: Georgia is outsourcing telecommunications services for all state and local government agencies to a contractor that will provide voice, video and data communications, distributed computing, high-speed data access, mobile short messaging, television and radio broadcast distribution, two-way radio, mobile data communications and support services.

California Department of Health and Human Services

Project: Medicaid Management Information System fiscal agent

Term: Four years with two 1-year options

Estimated value: $800 million

Summary: California is seeking a contractor to assume all administrative services, claims processing and ongoing maintenance and technology upgrades to the statewide system that processes Medicaid benefits.

New York Office for Technology

Project: Statewide Radio System

Term: Undetermined

Estimated value: $400 million

Summary: New York is seeking a contractor to replace the statewide radio system used by state police and other agencies with a next-generation, wireless communication system.

New Jersey Purchase Bureau

Project: Enhanced 911 network

Term: One year with a 1-year option

Estimated value: $100 million

Summary: New Jersey is seeking a contractor to provide state and local agencies with telecommunications equipment, including integrated services digital network equipment, key systems, 911 equipment and voice mail systems.

West Virginia

Project: Next-Generation Statewide Network

Term: Three to seven years

Estimated value: $100 million

Summary: West Virginia is seeking a contractor to provide
a next-generation, statewide communication network, including voice and data services, via Internet protocol transmission methods.

County Clerk of Dallas

Project: Outsource Data Center Management

Term: Seven years with a 3-year option

Estimated value: $52 million

Summary: Dallas County is outsourcing the management of its computer facilities and is seeking a contractor to provide integrated information technology services in support of the county's business and operational needs.

New Hampshire Administrative Services

Project: Telecommunications Services

Term: Five years with a 2-year option

Estimated value: $50 million

Summary: New Hampshire is seeking a contractor to provide communication network services, including voice, data and Internet, that will replace existing services.

California Department of Transportation

Project: Electronic Transmission System

Term: Seven years with three 1-year options

Estimated value: $10 million

Summary: California is seeking a contractor to develop an electronic transmission system that will monitor and control emissions inspections. The system will comprise a central database and telecommunications network capable of transmitting test results and updating motor vehicle records.

Sources: Federal Sources Inc. and Input Inc.
Affiliated Computer Services Inc.

Headquarters: Dallas

President, CEO: Jeff Rich

Head of state and local business: John Brophy, president

State and local headquarters: Washington

2001 revenue: $3.1 billion

State and local revenue: More than $1 billion

Web site: http://www.acs-inc.com

Total employees: 36,000

State and local employees: 7,100

Lines of business: Information resource management, municipal services, transportation systems and services, welfare and work-force services, and children and family services.

Major projects: Toll collection and parking enforcement in Washington, California and Pennsylvania. Other major customers include Boston, San Diego County, New York and Philadelphia.

Electronic Data Systems Corp.

Headquarters: Plano, Texas

President, CEO: Dick Brown

Head of state and local business: Anne Reed, vice president

Government headquarters: Herndon, Va.

2001 revenue: $21.5 billion

State and local revenue: More than $1 billion

Web site: http://www.eds.com

Total employees: 140,000

State and local employees: 5,000

Lines of business: Health care, human services, educational services, employment services, public safety, homeland security, justice administration, enterprisewide solutions, financial systems, e-government.

Major projects: California's Healthy Families program, which provides medical insurance to families who do not qualify for Medicaid and cannot afford private insurance; an alarm-tracking and billing service for Houston to reduce 911 false alarm calls; Michigan computing and networking contract to support 50,000 desktops, mobile computing and other services.

Anne Reed

IBM Corp.

Headquarters: Armonk, N.Y.

President, CEO: Lou Gerstner until March 1, Sam Palmisamo effective March 1.

Head of state and local business: Marianne Cooper, vice president of public sector

2001 revenue: $85.9 billion

State and local revenue: More than $1 billion

Web site: http://www.ibm.com

Total employees: 307,000

Lines of business: Tax and revenue, homeland security, public safety and justice, e-government, ERP implementation.
Major projects: E-Michigan, hosting, developing and bringing online applications for the state; Service Arizona, hosting, integrating and implementing Arizona's e-gov strategy; Miami-Dade online, developing, hosting and implementing an e-gov strategy, including bringing online services such as public safety, justice and family services.

Marianne Cooper

Accenture Ltd.

Headquarters: Hamilton, Bermuda

Chairman, CEO: Joe Forehand

Government headquarters: Reston, Va.

Heads of state and local business:

Rob Berton, managing partner, East Coast Client Group;
Dave Ross, managing partner, West Coast Client Group

2001 revenue: $11.4 billion

State and local revenue: $500 million to $1 billion

Web site: http://www.accenture.com

Total employees: 75,000

Lines of business: Education, e-government, human services and revenue. Services include customer relationship management, solutions operations, supply chain, financial management, strategy and business architecture and technical research and innovation.

Major projects: Child support enforcement for New Mexico Human Service Department; unemployment insurance for the Kansas Department of Human Resources; child care licensing automation support system and adoption Web site for the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services; taxpayer call center for the Michigan Department of Treasury.

KPMG Consulting Inc.

Headquarters: McLean, Va.

Chairman, CEO: Randolph Blazer

Head of state and local business: Ron Salluzzo, senior vice president

2001 revenue: $2.9 billion

State and local revenue: $500 million to $1 billion

Web site: http://www.kpmgconsulting.com

Total employees: 10,000

State and local employees: More than 500

Lines of business: Transportation, finance, health and human services, public safety and education. Services include supply chain purchasing, ERP implementation, document management, data warehousing and decision support.

Major projects: Pennsylvania statewide SAP implementation; Pennsylvania's integrated justice network, a Web-based system that integrates disparate systems to aid information sharing; TexasOnline.com, a state portal that allows access to a variety of state agencies through a single Web site.

Ron Salluzzo

TRW Inc.

Headquarters: Cleveland

Chairman, president and CEO: David Cote

Head of state and local business: Dave Zolet,
vice president and general manager of civil systems
Government headquarters: Reston, Va.

2001 revenue: $16.4 billion

State and local revenue: $500 million to $1 billion

Web site: http://www.trw.com

Total employees: 100,000

State and local employees: 900

Lines of business: Systems integration and IT solutions, including emergency dispatch centers, wireless communications, intelligent transportation, human services and public administration.

Major projects: Data radio system for Montgomery County, Md., including in vehicle computer-aided dispatch and records management systems; developed the Montana Child Care Under the Big Sky system to automate support for the state's subsidized child care program.

Dave Zolet

Unisys Corp.

Headquarters: Blue Bell, Pa.

President, CEO: Lawrence Weinbach

Head of state and local business: Kevin Curry, vice president and general manager of North America Public Sector

2001 revenue: $6 billion

State and local revenue: $500 million to $1 billion

Web site: http://www.unisys.com

Total employees: 39,000

State and local employees: 700

Lines of business: Justice and public safety, social services solutions, and tax, revenue

Major projects: Migrating the New York state police from mainframe-based systems to open systems and developing an applications portfolio for tactical and logistical operations; developed the Arizona Children's Information Library and Data Source system for child welfare case management.

Kevin Curry
American Management Systems Inc.

Headquarters: Fairfax, Va.

Chairman, CEO: Alfred Mockett

Head of state and local: Donna Morea, executive vice president and general manager

Revenue: $923.4 million for the nine months ended Sept. 30

State and local revenue: $300 million to $500 million

Web site: http://www.amsinc.com

Total employees: 8,000 employees

State and local employees: 3,737 (including all
federal employees)

Lines of business: Financial management, e-government, human services and labor, public safety and transportation, e-procurement, homeland security, and tax and revenue management.

Major projects: Virginia Department of Taxation business modernization; Pennsylvania Department of Transportation online vehicle registration and driver's license renewals; Illinois Department of Children and Family automated child welfare information system.

Computer Sciences Corp.

Headquarters: El Segundo, Calif.

President, CEO: Van Honeycutt

2001 revenue: $11.3 billion

State and local revenue: $300 million to $500 million

Web site: http://www.csc.com

Total employees: 68,000

Lines of business: Application outsourcing, business process outsourcing, systems integration, IT infrastructure outsourcing.

Major projects: Manages, maintains and operates San Diego County's computer and telephone system, including replacing desktop computers and software and creating online government services.

Van Honeycutt

Deloitte Consulting

Headquarters: New York

CEO: Doug McCracken

Head of state and local: Paul Robinson, practice director for public sector, Americas

2001 revenue: $3.5 billion

State and local revenue: $300 million to $500 million

Web site: http://www.dc.com

Total employees: 12,000

Lines of business: Health and human services, finance and administration, transportation, law and justice, and public safety.

Major projects: Developed and built MyCalifornia, a Web portal that gives citizens and businesses access to state information and services; building Michigan's portal for government services and information.

Paul Robinson

Maximus Inc.

Headquarters: Reston, Va.

CEO: David Mastran

2001 revenue: $487.3 million

State and local revenue: $300 million to $500 million

Web site: http://www.maximus.com

Total employees: 4,800

Lines of business: Health and consulting services and human services and systems. Services include program management, information technology and consulting.

Major projects: Operates California's Health Care Options project, providing Medicaid managed care enrollment services to the state; the company also has projects in every state, more than 1,400 school districts and more than 100 colleges and universities.

David Mastran

Science Applications International Corp.

Headquarters: San Diego

Chairman, CEO: J.R. Beyster

Revenue: $4.5 billion for the nine months ended Oct. 31, 2001

State and local revenue: $300 million to $500 million

Web site: http://www.saic.com

Total employees: 40,000

Lines of business: IT services, criminal justice, health care, data mining and data warehousing, software development, systems integration and program management.

Major projects: Automated law enforcement information access systems, known as ALIAS, for Oregon and Washington; eMaryland Marketplace, an interactive procurement
system for state agencies and local governments in Maryland. Major subcontractor to CSC for San Diego IT outsourcing contract.

J.R. Beyster
Covansys Corp. (formerly Complete Business Solutions Inc.)

Headquarters: Farmington Hills, Mich.

President, COO: Marty Clague

Head of state and local: Arvind Malhotra, senior vice president, public sector

2001 revenue: $404.7 million

State and local revenue: $100 million to $300 million

Web site: http://www.covansys.com

Total employees: 5,930

State and local employees: 1,000

Lines of business: Custom and packaged solutions in retirement, health and human services, transportation and justice departments.

Major projects: Transportation systems in Tennessee and Kentucky; public retirement systems in Nebraska and Rhode Island; child support enforcement systems in Indiana and U.S. Virgin Islands; and an unemployment insurance tax system in South Carolina.

DynTek (formerly TekInsight and DynCorp Management Resources)

Headquarters: Irvine, Calif.

Chairman, CEO: Steve Ross

2001 revenue: More than $100 million

Web site: http://www.dyntek.com

Total employees: 400

Lines of business: Consulting, systems integration, application development, legacy integration, support services and management services.

Major projects: Program management for Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Services child support enforcement program; managing child support customer call center for the Nebraska Department of Social Services; helped Louisiana Department of Economic Development develop a strategy for implementing technologies and attracting businesses to the state

Steve Ross

Keane Inc.

Headquarters: Boston

President, CEO: Brian Keane

Head of government: Glenn Giles, vice president of federal systems

Revenue: $586.8 million for nine months ended Sept. 30

State and local revenue: $100 million to $300 million

Web site: http://www.keane.com

Total employees: 7,300

Lines of business: Business consulting, application development and integration, application development and management outsourcing.

Major projects: Web-based application development and integration solution for the Maine Department of Motor Vehicles; online vessel registration renewal application for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission; and working with North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to help states comply with HIPAA requirements.

Glenn Giles

Northrop Grumman Corp.

Headquarters: Los Angeles

President, CEO: Kent Kresa

Head of state and local: Cheryl Janey, managing director
2001 revenue: $13.6 billion

State and local revenue: $100 million to $300 million

Web site: http://www.northgrum.com

Total employees: 100,000

Lines of business: Enterprise infrastructure services, automated identification technology, electronic benefits transfer, systems integration, systems engineering and
project management.

Major projects: IT services for the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services; technical and management consulting for the California Department of Information Technology; and project monitoring services for the Florida Financial Management System.

Cheryl Janey

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